Carrie Cake Pop

Horror Cake Pops & Other Bookish Baked Goods

Now you can have your horror novels/films and eat them too. Lou Lou P’s Delights, a purveyor of “Bespoke Cakes & Edible artistry,” has a fabulously creepy cake pop series entitled Women in Horror. Behol...
The Book is Better Than the Movie

Booklolz: Hipster Disney Princess

These Hipster Disney Princesses may have disdain for everything…..but they are right about one thing. The book was better than the movie. Always.  
The Force is the Force of course of course

Bookish Nerdswag: Dr. Seuss + Star Wars

Looking for bookish nerdswag? Artist Jason Peltz has created the perfect mash-up of Dr. Seuss and Star Wars. Check his illustrations out at    
The Diviners: Supernatural Travels With Libba Bray

Supernatural Travels With Libba Bray

Libba Bray wants to be your tour guide, on a journey through spooky twenties NYC, the setting of her flapperiffic book, The Diviners. Libba may have written a bone-chilling story, but that doesn’t prevent her from taking ...
Bad Lip Reading: The Hunger Games

Bad Lip Reading: The Hunger Games

The team behind Bad Lip Reading is at it again! This time they’re bringing their unique interpretation skills to the arena with a Bad Lip Reading of The Hunger Games.    

Hunger Games For Math Nerds

The Hunger Games for Math Nerds aims to explain, via pie charts and graphs, the nerdy truth behind the Hunger Games books and the film adaptation. You may not agree with every opinion this math nerd puts forth, but the numbers ...
The Hunger Games Movie Director Trailer

The Hunger Games Director Tryout—Better Than the Movie?

Whether you think Gary Ross’s version of The Hunger Games was excellent, pretty good, or holy gawd awful, you’d probably be curious to see what other directors would have done with this beloved dystopian novel. Slas...

Bad Lip Reading: Twilight

We know we’re getting a new movie trailer later in the month for Breaking Dawn: Part 2. But if you need a Twilight fix until then, try this ridiculously silly video. The team behind Bad Lip Reading take the awkwardness b...
Hillywood So You Think You're a Wizard

Hillywood Presents: So You Think You’re a Wizard

The Hillywood team is back to its Harry Potter spoofing ways! This video presents the epic struggle between good and evil, light and dark, Harry and Voldemort in the best possible medium—a no-holds-barred dance off. Watch So ...