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what pet should I get blog tour

Dr. Seuss Classic Tour: Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories + Giveaway

Today we’re celebrating all things Dr. Seuss in honor of the release of the newly discovered Seuss book, What Pet Should I Get? We’re reviewing a timeless Seuss favorite of ours, Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories...

The Force is the Force of course of course

Bookish Nerdswag: Dr. Seuss + Star Wars

Looking for bookish nerdswag? Artist Jason Peltz has created the perfect mash-up of Dr. Seuss and Star Wars. Check his illustrations out at    

Twilight Re-written

i09 imagines what Twilight would be like if it had been written by famous authors such as Virginia Woolf and Jane Austen, but the show was stolen by the first commenter, who promptly whipped up a Dr. Seuss Twilight. Click th...