Minimalist Hunger Games Posters

Art student Risa Rodil created a collection of Hunger Games-inspired posters, including these beautiful minimalist posters for the trilogy. Click below to see the rest of her work.

Riggins in Space

If the prospect of seeing Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars novels come to life on the big screen isn’t reason enough to get you into a John Carter screening this weekend, perhaps this Friday Night Lights spin on the m...


Check out this lovely and imposing President Snow poster, designed by the talented Pixhunter. Click through to get this baby on t-shirt!

Harry Potter Hotness Flowchart

And speaking of the Harry Potter movies, this ultra scientific hotness flowchart over the course of the series is spot-on. You’ll notice Neville “Nails For Breakfast” Longbottom is off the charts…..

Panem vs. The USA

Think you know where in the U.S. the districts of Panem from the Hunger Games can be found? Create your own version of Panem by clicking here: