Book Art

Booklolz: Hobbit Weekend, Claudia Kishi Web Comic, Bookish Art & more!

Kicking off this week’s booklolz post are some stunning hand-drawn 2013 cover tributes courtesy of Dualed author Elsie Chapman’s daughter Gillian. Elsie shared beautiful color drawings for Dualed and eight other 2...

The Force is the Force of course of course

Bookish Nerdswag: Dr. Seuss + Star Wars

Looking for bookish nerdswag? Artist Jason Peltz has created the perfect mash-up of Dr. Seuss and Star Wars. Check his illustrations out at    

Bookish Sculpture Charlotte's Web Kelly Campbell Berry

Bookish Art: Sculptures of Childhood Classics

You should never be ashamed of having too many bookish decorations in your home. So if, after scrolling through these beautiful book sculptures of childhood classics, you feel like filling your living space with them,  1) this...

Hide Your Books—Lauren Conrad is Crafting Again

After reality starlet/author Lauren Conrad posted a book snuff film which shows her ripping into perfectly readable Lemony Snicket books to make a “storage box” (aka a hot glue gun mess) out of the spines, the inter...

Dancing Books!

This video of what books get up to in a bookstore after hours NEVER gets old…..