Halloween Costume Guide: Heroines Edition Pt. 1

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YA Book Character Costumes: Heroine Edition Pt 1


Halloween is almost here! In case you need some last minute costume inspiration, we’re highlightig a few YA/middle grade character costumes we think would be fun. Today we look at costumes for Coraline, Tris from Divergent, Katniss from The Hunger Games, Hermione from Harry Potter and Katsa from Graceling. Stay tuned tomorrow for part two of our heroines costume round-up!


Coraline Halloween Costume

Get Coraline’s look:

Striped Tights $4.50

Zeagoo Yellow Rain Coat $16.79

Blue Denim Jeggings $4.33

Dragonfly Hairclip $6.95

Colorme Temporary Hair Color – Blue Escape $6.99

Black Buttons $2.29


Tris Divergent Halloween Costume

Get Tris’s look:

Temporary Bird Tattoos $5.00

Women’s Black Ribbed Tank Top $3.99

Women’s Military Combat Boots $22.00

Faux Black Leather Leggings $9.13


Katniss costume Halloween The Hunger Games

Get Katniss’s look:

Hunter Bow & Arrow Toy Prop $19.99

Dark Grey Coat $16.79

Mockingjay Necklace $2.49

Lace-Up Brown Boots $19.99



Hermione Granger Halloween Costume

Get Hermione’s look:

A-line Black Skirt $9.9t

White Collar Shirt $9.99

Gryffindor Tie $6.99

Grey Cardigan $16.66

Wand $7.64

Tights $4.76

Black Ballet Flats $10.99



Katsa Graceling Halloween Costume

Get Katsa’s look:

Sweater Vest $15.97

Green Tunic $9.99

Fake Sword $4.34

Dark Skinny Cargo Pants $20.67

Brown Slouch Leather Boots $33.00

Brown Leather Bracelet $7.99

Come back tomorrow for the second half of our heroine costume round-up! We’ll have costume ideas for Blue from The Raven Cycle, Celaena from Throne of Glass, Rose from Vampire Academy & more!



    Super fun and inexpensive ideas! Thanks for sharing this!!


    These are all brilliant. I want to be Coraline now.


    Ooh! These are fun and easy ideas! If I go to a Halloween party, I might whip up either of these because I have clothes and accessories similar to these! πŸ™‚


    I LOVE IT!!!! As much as I like Tris’s look, I feel like if I put those pants on they wouldn’t come off without scissors. It wouldn’t be pretty πŸ˜‰ Love Katsa’s vest and boots!


    Love this some great inexpensive ideas. I want that dragonfly hair clip!


    Super cute ideas, makes me wish I were skinny enough to pull off any of these


    Oh Coraline! That would be fun. I do like these looks. πŸ™‚


    LOL! This is brilliant! I might be tempted to dress up for Halloween if I could do it this inexpensively!


    Oooh VERY well done! I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in ages, but I’m very tempted now… Looking forward to part 2!


    I want the Katsa outfit for just for regular clothes! You found some really good deals on things!


    Thanks for these ideas. I may have to go as Hermione for next year. πŸ™‚


    I like Coraline’s and Katsa’s outfits! πŸ™‚


    i am so making hermiones outfit

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