Who should star in the upcoming Vampire Academy movies?

Posted 06/22/2012 by alicemarvels in Casting Poll
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    Cassie Underwood

    My opinion on the matter of who should play a certain character would be to remember how each character in the book acts and how their attitude is because in knowing that, you could narrow down the choices. For example, Rose Hathaway is not a goody-two-shoes and it would be unwise to cast an actress who is a polite and shy person as Rose Hathaway and I believe that a few of the choices chossen to play a certain charater above resemble my example.


    While that may be true in some cases, and I totally get where you are coming from, anyone can be cast as long as they at least LOOK a little like how the characters are described in the book. It doesn’t matter what the actress/actor is like in real life because quite frankly they are called actors because they can act in most situations and can completely change their personalities to suit.


    If they screw this up….there will be hell to pay. Sorry to be intense, but I LOVE THESE BOOKS. And I would say that none of the chooses above are right for Rose Hathaway. If they find Rose though, they will find all the other characters. Ian Somerhalder would be AMAZING IN THIS. I think he should play Adrian, he is so Adrian.


    You need to remember that the people who should play these characters should be close to the age of who they play. Everyone always chooses 30 year old people when everyone in the book is 18.


    I agree w/above poster, a lot of these ppl look too old. lissa needs to be young and fresh and ethereal. I once saw a french girl in NYC with long curly blond hair, she freaking glowed. She oozed this unreal immortal beauty that everyone and thing around her was captivated. None of these picks capture that.

    Rose is another, she can look a tad older, but has to look tough, but not jaded or used up. Not haggy. Also beauty but a beauty that is beauty w/out makeup.


    You can’t have someone who is huge for playing a similar role in another series.. As much as I absolutely love Ed Westwick, and Ian Somerholder, their characters in their shows are too well known and they’d just be compared to themselves really. It would ruin the characters they are portraying. Ed Westwick for Adrian, Chuck is too close to the bad boy, drinking lots kind of guy. You need actors who are good, and known but not with so much hype around them.


    I just hope its good and nothing is left out!!!!!!!!!! Lets just hope in 2013 there is a movie to wait for. And Dimitri better be sexy! Adrian too.


    For the love of GOD!! It’s Tiffany THORNTON!! Learn how to spell their last names properly!


    Oh my god! Ben Barnes all the way. I don’t care about anyone else. It has to be Ben for Dimitri. I do quite like Odette and Sophia for Rose too. But I’d be ok with an unknown for her. But ben is what I always imagined when I read the books!



    I respect everyone’s opinion and I really would like to see what most girls see, but Ben Barns? I’ve watched some of his movies, but I simply cannot see him as Dimitri!! He’s not handsome enough. I like Taylor Kitsch. However, I keep thinking that they should find a new actor, someone that surprises us…


      I agree! I don’t get it why everyone is so into him being Dimitri! And I know everyone thinks Christian should be Gaspard Ulliel, but guys, have you seen Gaspard recently? He doesn’t look like that anymore. He looks more like Dimitri, in fact he’s my favorite for Dimitri so far even if he has blue eyes. Ncholas should totally be Christian! And Mia should be AnnaShophia Robb because she’s petite and looks very young!


    PEOPLE. There are SIX books! Six! That means 6, or in most book-to-movie adaptations, 7, movies to film! THAT TAKES LIKE FOREVER! The cast needs to be fairly young so the series can end with the main characters being 26-30, at most! Because of this, I hope Richelle Mead is heavily involved because this series is amazing, and i DONT WANT ANYONE TO SCREW IT UP! Also, i doubt they’d consider filming the spinoff series, Bloodlines. Thats just too much.


    wow so i’ve read all comments and a lot of you i completely agree with! this book series is beautiful and i love all the books, but let us pray that the movie is just as good… Thank you Richelle Mead!!

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