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Posted 11/10/2010 by alicemarvels in Alice's Attic
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Today I unearthed Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell

Bottom Line: You don’t need the post-apocalypse for a good survival story.

Why this book rocks: Karana is the original survivalist-with-a-heart-of-gold teen girl and she is as tough as they come.  Stranded by her tribe on their dolphin-shaped island, she hunts for food, builds canoes, fights giant squids, and fights/befriends frenemy wild dogs.

Who should read this book: girls who suspect that they, too are tough enough to eat nails for breakfast, animal whisperers (Karana has a menagerie of animal bffs by the end of the book), and history buffs (this is based on a TRUE story).

Life lesson handed down: Vengeance can be sweet, but friendship is better.  Also, never get in the middle of a sea elephant brawl, that’s going to leave a mark.


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