JK Rowling’s Anagram Teaser, BOOK IT Turns 30, Divergent, TFIOS & Twilight Spoofs

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We can never get enough bookish spoofs, goofiness and unadulterated biblio worship. If you are fans of that kind of thing too, check out our collection of bookish (and book-to-movie/tv-ish) odds and ends below.

JK Rowling Teases Fans with Twitter Anagram

Jk Rowling Twitter Anagram Teases first line of FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM

Earlier today JK Rowling posted an anagram on her Twitter:


Immediately forums of Potter fans got to work on decoding the message, with one person hopefully coming up with “Harry returns! Won’t say any details now. A week off. No comment.” JK shot this down, and finally confirmed that another fan had it right:

We now have the beginning of Newt Scamander’s adventures in New York, which will come to life on the big screen in the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie. Only JK could cause online pandemonium like that to reveal an opening line.

Book It Turns 30, Gives Former Participants Pizza


Did you participate in the BOOK IT program when you were a kid? Ah the delightful memories of being rewarded with a personal pan pizza for geeking out over books. If you also have fond memories of books, badges and pizza, you’ll definitely want to participate in BOOK IT’s 30th birthday celebration. According to their site:

To celebrate the 30th birthday of BOOK IT!, we are launching an Alumni Program for all previous participants. BOOK IT! is on a quest to find and engage alumni from around the world, so sign-up today to receive a nostalgic favorite from your BOOK IT! days, a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza for carryout only when redeemed online at participating Pizza Hut restaurants.

Sign up here to join the Alumni program! The deal is good through October 10th.



The Fault in Our Stars Honest Trailer: The Truth Hurts

We adore John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars, and its film adaptation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a giggle at its expense (especially Gus and Hazel’s tendency to talk like “really weird old people”).

Twilight: Breaking Cookie

We’ve seen so many Twilight Saga spoofs over the years, but this Sesame Street “Twilight: Breaking Cookie” parody featuring “Belly,” “Shortbredward” and “Bacob the Wolf” gets extra points for teaching a lesson on impulse control while lampooning the sillier parts of the love story.


Divergent Honest Trailer

Ouch – those Honest Trailer people really know how to rip into a bestselling YA franchise, and Divergent doesn’t escape this one unscathed. “In a world inspired by a woman who read the Hunger Games and said I can change that slightly and make a ton of money!”



Chloe Moretz ,Tyler Posey and Michelle Obama (yes, that’s right the First Lady) appear in this Funny or Die Divergent spoof about healthy snacking. Favorite part – Tyler inexplicably offering up a view of his back tattoos, Four style.




    Anyhoo, these honest trailers are hilarious. A little mean, but cannot help but have a laugh.

    Thanks for sharing! <33


    Hmm, comment just disappeared 😐 Anyway, ahhh Rowling totally tricked us all. ._. LOL at those honest movie trailers! A little mean but so funny and true.

    Great post, thanks for sharing! <33


    I love the spoof trailers and videos! There’s just something about a rapier-sharp wit that never fails to impress. And you wouldn’t think Sesame Street would be at the top with that but good writers are good writers.


    LOL! Gotta love Rowlings!


    The honest trailer for Divergent made me snort. SO funny.

    “Volunteer as tribute to one of five factions, each named after a different SAT word.”


    I’m going to have to look up more of these trailers!


    Those anagrams are pure genius. How is JKR so incredible? Great post!


    Oh. JK Rowling…I’d get excited about anything she wrote. Too bad it’s not more Harry though!


    Oh boy! A new Rowling Movie. Yeah! I love all the spoof trailers. My fav is Cookie Monster 🙂


    Rowling is amazing I loveee how she organized that game. I mean anagrams are awesome. I love honest trailers, even though I love TFIOS that’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing 🙂


    I did not know that it was an anagram


    LOL! I love all the spoofs! Those honest trailers always make me laugh.

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