Booklolz: Gollum Dreams a Dream, Texts from Jane Austen, a Princess Bride Board Game & more!

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To kick off this week’s booklolz, we have a beautiful rendition of my favorite Les Miserables song, “I Dreamed a Dream” from Youtuber Ijameswalters, who performs in the voice of precious-obsessed Gollum:

Make sure to check out the latest Texts from Jane Austen at The Hairpin, which includes this fab exchange:


oh Jane i’m so happy for you
Thank you
and Lizzie too of course
Yes, that’s wonderful
and now Lydia too
thank God you all found such wonderful men to marry
Thank you
we would all honestly be homeless right now if you hadn’t 
I suppose that’s true
we would have nowhere to go 
everyone we know would just
allow that to happen to us
I hope you don’t think I was so hard on all of you about it without cause
No of course not
It’s just that if you didn’t marry I would spend the rest of my life worrying about my homeless daughters 
I’m just glad we’re all so happy now
and even if you aren’t 
literally your only other options would have been prostitution or begging 
Let’s not talk about it


Flavorwire has an amazing roundup of pictures of Books on Buildings:



A Princess Bride boardgame is coming!


According to Nerd Approved, it will actually be several games that re-enact beloved scenes from the film. The gamemakers are seeking input on the game, asking for fans to submit their favorite scenes. Submit yours here! I’m just going to imagine the gammakers’ response to my suggestions as follows:

as you wish




If you haven’t seen Awesome People Reading, it is just what it sounds like, aka THE BEST.




In honor of the Game of Thrones trailer, it’s time to find out once and for all which House you belong to—click below to take Buzzfeed’s quiz:

got house

Next Movie put together a YA Heroines infographic that has some glaring factual errors (Harry-Hermione-Ron is not really a legit love triangle, and Hermione doesn’t really have low self-esteem) but is fun nonetheless.


Lastly, this isn’t exactly book-related, but if you haven’t seen Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon do The Evolution of Mom Dancing, you really should!



    I lllllllllove all the book murals!


    still unsure how to navigate the site so I always find old stuff 😀 Anyway want that house!

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