Bookjam: Visions by Brett & CONJURED by Sarah Beth Durst

Posted 10/03/2013 by alicemarvels in Alice's Playlist

by Brett

I can see
I can see visions
All around me
All around me

I can feel
I can feel color
In the darkness
In the darkness

Poor Eve! She doesn’t remember anything about her life prior to her arrival in WitSec, the witness protection program she’s living in, protected by two agents who seem to fear for her life at every turn. But she gets glimpses into her past in the form of visions, particularly after she accidentally uses her magic. Yup, to make matters more confusing, the girl has magic powers. And these visions seem terrifyingly real, in a world that is very different from our own, full of colorful settings and magical creatures and a deep, dark evil. 


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    Ooh, very cool! I like how it really matched the feel of the book, which was creepy and odd and just plain weird, all in a really good way!


    Must be so hard to not have memories


    Great match! This really does look like an interesting read, I think I just might have to give it a try and see what all the fuss is about.


    I’m obsessed with books that deal with witsec! There’s just something fascinating about them for me, and add magical powers AND magical creatures in to that and I’m 100% sold. Conjured, here I come!


    Sounds like a good one 🙂


    Ooh, I like it a lot! I wasn’t too sure about this book but it does sound interesting and I want to give it a chance. Love the song too, great post!


    This is actually really good. I haven’t heard good things about this book but this music really fits the whole idea. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    Oh yeah, this definitely does seem like it fits perfectly!

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