Intro by M83 & REACHED by Ally Condie

Posted 12/15/2012 by alicemarvels in Reader Playlist

by M83 feat. Zola Jesus

We didn’t need a story, we didn’t need a real world
We just had to keep walking
And we became the stories, we became the places
We were the lights, the deserts, the faraway worlds
We were you before you even existed

I carry on, carry on, carry on
And after us the flood
Carry on, carry on, carry on
Our silver horn it leads the way
Banners of gold shine
In the cold, in the cold, in the cold
Footprints of snow
Blind from the road

Barrie W. says:

“I just heard this song, and it reminded me of Reached, by Ally Condie, which I just finished. The way Cassia and Ky and the rest of the people just carried on, and the Pilot gave them hope. Also I like the way Cassia insists on telling new stories and making new art even though the Archivist tell her better people have done it before her. Also when they meet more people who have worked with the Rising, she and Ky realize how long it has been going, and how it is not necessarily the end of all their problems.”

Awesome bookjam Barrie! Thanks so much for sharing!



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