Generational Synthetic by Beach Fossils & FRAGMENTS by Dan Wells

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“Generational Synthetic”
by Beach Fossils

All your work and inspiration
Systematic expiration

We’re so great, we’re so real
We’re so desperate, make a deal
All your words are so poetic,
Generational synthetic.

All my friends are far away
Leaves my head in disarray
I can help but to forget
What is now and what is next.

Trade a fortune for a soul,
What we wanted all along
All your worlds are so magnetic,
Generation apathetic

And I will do it on my own again
I’ll say what I will

Berenice R. says:

This song just reminds me so much of Samm and the Partials in Partials and Fragments by Dan Wells. They know when they will “expire” or die, and Dr. Morgan is trying to find a way around it using the humans, and particularly Kira. Partials can link up with each other, but Samm goes rogue and he’s far away from his fellow partials, and he’s not linking with them, leaving his head in disarray. Basically Kira’s trying to find a way to save everyone, and have the humans and partials help each other. She finds out so many secrets, so much more than she bargained for.

Awesome bookjam, Berenice, thanks for sending! 


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