Dropla by Youth Lagoon & THE FOX INHERITANCE by Mary E. Pearson

Posted 03/12/2013 by alicemarvels in Reader Playlist

by Youth Lagoon

I live in a fog, one that’s foremade
While my physical body’s turning in my grave
Vengeful demon digging deep in your brain
But it doesn’t know how
I reach my arm across the bed and hold your hand
The angel of state can’t wait to seize all your land

You’ll never die, you’ll never die
You’ll never die, you’ll never die

You weren’t there when I needed you
You are gone, you’re going under

Jenny V. says:

In The Fox Inheritance, Kara and Locke are in new bodies, and their consciousnesses never died. They spent hundreds of years with their minds locked in a box. When they consider meeting up again with Jenna in their new bodies, they are resentful of her for leaving them, and not being there when they needed her. Also Kara is resentful of Locke for not loving her the way he did Jenna. Kara is especially unhinged over their time spent in a mental fog, and she is feeling like she might want revenge.

Awesome bookjam, Jenny, thanks for sending! 


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    Freaky, but I do like that


    Yeah, I agree! It’s quite trippy and I think it suits the book and its concept pretty well!


    I think this works for the book and it makes you stop and look

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