Series Mini-Reviews: Mercy Thompson #1 – 7

Posted 03/03/2014 by alicemarvels in Fantasy

We’re huge fans of Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series around these parts, and we thought we would post some long overdue series mini-reviews in advance of the newest and eighth installment in the series, Night Broken, which comes out March 11th. We’ll have our review for Night Broken up tomorrow, but in the meantime, let’s look back at where we’ve been with Mercy and the gang.

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1)

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs


Mercy Thompson, a no nonsense car mechanic / coyote shifter, may live in a rather familiar urban fantasy world where humans mix it up with vampires, werewolves, witches and fae, but her personality sets her well apart from other heroines who stomp on similar playgrounds. Mercy doesn’t take any crap from the male dominated werewolves in the pack she grew up in (led by the most alpha of alphas, the Marrok), nor does she give in to her neighbor, the alpha of the Tri-Cities pack, Adam Hauptman (suh-woon). Mercy approaches life with the indomitable sense of humor and backbone necessary to survive a world full of aggressive paranormals of every variety. Best of all, Mercy is a loyal friend to human and supernatural alike, including a Scooby Doo obsessed vampire named Stefan and her fae mentor, Zee.

After Adam is attacked and left injured and defenseless, Mercy helps him get his bearings and solve a murder mystery that could mean an even bigger threat for werewolves. When her old werewolf flame, Sam, shows up in the Tri-Cities, of course she lets him stay with her, even if it does create an uncomfortable quasi-love triangle. While this first installment could have used a bit more action and romance, Mercy and her friends charmed me thoroughly and sucked me into the series.

4/5 Coyotes


Favorite Character / Moment:

Mercy  / A certain wolfy alpha dominance faceoff (and Mercy’s reaction to it)

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Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2)

Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2) by Patricia Briggs


Mercy agrees to help her vampire friend Stefan deliver a message, and she quickly gets in way over her head in vampire politics. Wow, I thought werewolf traditions were arcane and full of machinations and backstabbing, but they really are quite mild compared to the games played by Marsilia and her seethe. While part of me was squealing for Mercy to cut from this vampy misadventure and run, I was secretly thrilled to see her insinuating herself into yet another struggle a coyote shifter has no business tackling. We get some swoonworthy moments with both Adam and Sam, but mostly this is a thrill ride with Mercy and Stefan trying to navigate vamp-demon danger. Some might think the ending sets up a love quadrangle, but I don’t think it’s reciprocated, so I’m not worried.

4.5/5 Coyotes


Favorite Character / Favorite Moment:

Stefan / Adam and Mercy practice sparring (damnit, Jesse, why did you have to interrupt!?)

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Iron Kissed  (Mercy Thompson #3)

Iron Kissed (Mercy Thompson #3) by Patricia Briggs


Whew, just when I thought I couldn’t stand any more alpha triangle tension between Sam, Mercy and Adam, we get a natural and solid resolution to it. Meanwhile, Zee has been arrested for murder and left to fend for himself by the Gray Lords, and Mercy is not going to let him take it lying down, even if he tells her to eff off as a way of protecting her. Those fae can be quite prickly when they want to be, but we know Zee is a big softie when it comes to his coyote protege. This story is a thrilling and enjoyable mystery that dives deep into fae politics until the very end when A THING happens and holy lord is it ever a karate chop to the feels. Damn, Mercy, what did you do to Patricia Briggs to make her put you through this?

5/5 Coyotes


Favorite Character/Moment:

Ben / Ben helping Adam out with Mercy

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Bone Crossed  (Mercy Thompson #4)

Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson #4) by Patricia Briggs


Marsilia is not happy that Mercy has been pruning her seethe, and she is willing to take it out on anyone Mercy loves, including Stefan, Adam and the pack. Adam is, of course, all too willing to protect Mercy from vampire influence, and he puts himself and the pack in danger to do it. An old friend from college, Amber, shows up on Mercy’s doorstep with a ghost problem, and when Mercy investigates, she finds out it’s really more of a vamp problem. We meet a seriously deranged and terrifying villain, and I’m not sure I’ve ever been more worried about Mercy’s safety (that’s saying a lot—girlfriend throws herself headlong at danger on a daily basis). Basically, I ended this book completely in love with Adam, Stefan, Warren, Kyle and Darryl. Promiscuous little reader.

4.5/5 Coyotes


Favorite Character/Moment:

Stefan / Adam uses pack magic to free Mercy from vamp influence

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Silver Borne  (Mercy Thompson #5)

Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson #5) by Patricia Briggs


Oh, hey remember Sam? Yeah, that guy is still around, and he’s having all those pesky “I’ve lived hundreds of years and I’m all alone” emotions. He’s on the verge of going off the deep end, but Mercy isn’t about to let that happen to her old friend, even if it means keeping his condition a secret from his fellow wolves to protect him. Add in a mysterious book that is in hot demand by some very dangerous fae, and once again Mercy is throwing herself in the path of danger to save her friends and keep the peace. I felt so badly for Sam, but I was absolutely thrilled with how his story progresses and where he ends up. Like giddily, bouncing up and down happy. Mercy goes through the wringer to get him there, and her journey is incredibly pleasing too, because it comes with a nice little reunion.

4/5 Coyotes


Favorite Character/Moment:

SAM SAM SAM SAM / Mercy and Bran and the walking stick

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River Marked  (Mercy Thompson #6)

River Marked (Mercy Thompson #6) by Patricia Briggs


Mercy and Adam are on a honeymoon camping trip, and at first, it’s all flirting and laughter and sexy-times, but soon danger invades, as it always does with our favorite coyote shifter. The happy couple happens upon a river devil that is wreaking serious havoc on the local community. In the course of investigating, Mercy learns a bit about her own unique heritage, which isn’t quite as simple as she thought. I adore Adam and Mercy and was totally charmed by their sweet, respect-filled banter, and I also enjoyed Mercy getting to know Coyote, but the river devil conflict wasn’t as exciting as Mercy’s usual mischief-making, and I missed the pack, Zee, Stefan and Sam desperately.

3.5/5 Coyotes


Favorite Character/Moment:

Coyote / Mercy chatting it up with Coyote and other spirit gods

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Frost Burned  (Mercy Thompson #7)

Frost Burned (Mercy Thompson #7) by Patricia Briggs


For being such a controversial, disliked member of the pack, Mercy sure does save their asses a lot! It makes me wonder how the hell they survived without their mischievous walker before? I love how Mercy gets to be Liam Neeson in Taken in this book (“I have a very specific set of skills. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my pack go now, that will be the end of it. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you… and I will kill you”). She manages to tackle the missing pack mystery while keeping Jesse safe like the step mama bear she is, and she has help from an utter badass from the Alpha & Omega companion series, Asil. Once we find out who facilitated the kidnapping and why, it is surprising, though perhaps it shouldn’t be given the relationship Mercy has with this character. Let’s just say, Adam’s reaction toward this character in the end perfectly encompasses my own. Oh, and speaking of his holy Alpha hotness, we finally get Adam’s POV in this book, and it just further confirms he is absolutely deserving of my unadulterated crushing and fantasizing. MORE ADAM PLEASE.

5/5 Coyotes


Favorite Character/Moment:

Adam /The final showdown

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Check back tomorrow for our full review of Night Broken, the eighth book in the Mercy Thompson series!



    Ha! What an awesome set of minis. Your GIFs left me smiling from ear to ear.


    I love this series but sadly am waaaaay behind. I think I only read up to book 4? I can’t remember now but I know I need to get caught up!


    OMG..your gif reviews were hilarious and I felt them. I am so excited you read/reviewed these. My review of Night Broken will post next week and I love this series. We shared similar feelings throughout and both liked River Marked the least. Yes it is possible to love them all!


    lmao – those gifs killed me. Ugh, I need to read this series!! At least now I will be able to read each book whenever I want instead of waiting for release dates.


    Oh, my goodness… I don’t know where to start. I’ve been working on some series mini-reviews, but I just don’t think I can follow this! LOL! Those GIFs are ahhhhmazing!! I’ve been collecting the Mercy Thompson series like a fat kid collects candy, and the poor things keep getting bumped down on the TBR. This post and those GIFs just moved them back to the top where they clearly belong. Fabulous, fantastic, fun-filled mini-reviews!


    Sad cat, perfect, so me then


    Can’t wait. I love Mercy & the gang like family.


    YES!! *huggles y’all* I love this series and now have the overwhelming urge to read the entire series again from start to finish. Mercy, Adam, Samuel, the walking stick (ooh, did you see that at the end of #8? WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?!?), Gary Laughingdog, Coyote, Honey and all the gang…yes, I’m in love with 25 characters at once.

    P.S. That last cat gif made me LOL. A lot. More than it should have, probably.


    These sounds good, but I haven’t heard much about them


    “This story is a thrilling and enjoyable mystery that dives deep into fae politics until the very end when A THING happens and holy lord is it ever a karate chop to the feels. Damn, Mercy, what did you do to Patricia Briggs to make her put you through this?”

    YES!!! That third book was brutal wasn’t it? Still my favorite of the series though just because of all the feels, but I have to skip over a certain part and just read the aftermath. I still need to read Frost Burned, even more so now that you gave it a 5, I skipped it and went straight to Night Broken. Oops. Must go back now! Can’t wait to read your thoughts on Night Broken!


    Moon Called was one of my very first audios before I really got into them and I was SO disappointed. I blame my newness to audios because this series is something I should totally love. I plan on doing a re-read, maybe in print this time even though I love audios now. 🙂

    OMG I’ve been cracking up for a solid five minutes over the gif for #7. LOL


    Love your gifs! I haven’t read any of these, but it seems like it’s a nice series. I like that you enjoyed all of them!


    Wow that was a hefty dose of mercy. I am two books behind on this series and need to catch up. I see that River Marked was your least fav as well. This is still one of my fav series. I love Adam and Sam and Mercy!


    I’ve not read this series, but I have been curious about it from time to time. I usually find that books in series lose their oomph after so many books so it’s so impressive to me that you guys think the series is so solid!


    I love it how this series jumps ups and down. From super amazing and above all intriguing stories to some not that great. It’s really great combination. I’m so glad you enjoyed this series and those gifs are so funny! 🙂 Great reviews, Lauren 🙂


    It seems like first books in UF series are often just okay for me, so it’s great that these start out being good!


    I’ve only read book one but this is definitely a series that I’ll continue reading. So excited to see how swoon-worthy Adam is. Thanks for sharing the mini-reviews! 🙂


    The gifs you used were all so good!

    So, I went to Goodreads to see if I had the first book on my tbr list and it turns out it’s been on my list since 2011! I really would like to make time for some adult UF this year and I think this is the series to get into!

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