Book Review: THE RULE OF THOUGHTS by James Dashner

Posted 08/29/2014 by alicemarvels in Science Fiction
Review: THE RULE OF THOUGHTS by James Dashner




Publisher: Delacorte Press
Release Date: August 26, 2014
Page Count: 304


Sarah and Bryson step up in a big way; thrilling twists; creative and frightening use of virtual worlds


not quite as exciting as book one; so many unanswered questions

A thrilling sequel with exciting twists and turns that leaves you scratching your head with more questions than answers.


Warning: spoilers for book one, The Eye of Minds

In The Rule of Thoughts, we pick up with Michael right where we left him at the shocking end of The Eye of Minds. While he feels horribly guilty about taking over Jackson Porter’s life, he is also determined to make that life count, and he embarks on a dangerous quest to find his friends in the Wake, while avoiding the far-reaching influence of Kaine. Returning to the Sleep, where Kaine is nearly godlike in his powers, is incredibly dangerous, but he also has ways of getting to Michael in the Wake, as his Mortality Doctrine begins to take effect on humans and Tangents.

I confess I had a bit of trouble getting into The Rule of Thoughts at first, because Michael spends a large chunk of the beginning on the run solo, and doing quite a bit of inner monologuing and recapping, but as soon as he meets up with his besties from the Sleep, Sarah and Bryson, the story really takes off. My favorite part about this series is the way these three friends come together and work in tandem to fight much more powerful enemies than they ever should be capable of defeating on their own. No single one of them is the leader, or the most capable, despite Michael’s chosen one status of being a Tangent and the narrative center of the story. Dashner has always had a knack for making supporting characters shine, and Bryson and Sarah really come off the page in this sequel.

I enjoyed the thrilling journey through the dangerous real world and the mind-bending Sleep our trio takes, even if by the end of the book I had more questions than answers. I know James Dashner is a huge fan of Lost, and it’s clearly had a huge influence on his storytelling style. I am not at all surprised that I’m experiencing that same blend of being thrilled by all the endless questions and mystery in The Mortality Doctrine series even as I curse it—it’s exactly how I felt watching Lost. Dashner serves up big enough twists in each book that you are helpless to come back for more, and the end of The Rule of Thoughts gives us plenty to look forward to in the next book, The Game of Lives. I can only hope the end of this twist filled journey makes it worthwhile.


Watch the trailer for The Eye of Minds:


Read an excerpt from The Rule of Thoughts:



    I still haven’t read The Maze Runner can you believe that? I need to get on the stick and do it before the movie comes out.


    Still need to read the Maze Runner. This sounds interesting and also something I need to recommend to a cousin of mine.


    I have heard so much about The Maze Runner that I had no idea this author has other series. This one seems really interesting and while I do like twists and turns, I’d probably be bothered with unanswered questions. I really hope you get the answers in the next one! Great review 🙂


    I so need to try one of his books as well, I have heard nothing but good things about them.


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    And I who still haven’t read Maze


    I know just what your saying about loving all the mystery and the questions even as you curse them – I felt the same way watching Lost! I haven’t read the first book in this series or his Maze Runner series but I’ve heard good things. I’m thinking it will be a good idea for my mental health to wait until all the books are out so I can devour them in rapid succession and get my answers with minimal wait time:)


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