Book Review: THE REMEDY by Suzanne Young

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The Remedy by Suzanne Young

Set before the events of The Program and The Treatment, Suzanne Young’s newest novel, The Remedy, introduces us to a new character, Quinn, who helps grieving families move on by assuming the lives of dead girls for a short time. While her story is set in the same world as The Program, and has an escalating creepiness that will feel familiar to those who know where the story is headed, you don’t have to have read it to enjoy The Remedy.

Quinn is a “closer”, and she truly finds satisfaction in helping families move on from sudden debilitating loss. She completely absorbs the identity of each girl she is hired to impersonate, changing her hair, her clothes, the cadence of her speech, and even reading diaries to prepare to become her assignment. In many ways, she is tough and unflappable in her work, but deep down she is very lonely and isolated, unable to form real lasting connections.

When she begins an assignment for Catalina, a girl who died under mysterious circumstances, her resolve is truly put to the test. She works with Catalina’s family, and her boyfriend Isaac. She begins to uncover disturbing clues about Catalina’s death, and the secrets her closer friends, might be hiding from her.

With Quinn’s identity constantly morphing to suit her assignment, I worried about not connecting with her, but she has a strong personality and I was instantly rooting for her. A complicated relationship with her ex-boyfriend Deacon complicates her assignment, and as the tension ramps up, it’s hard to know who she can trust in her small circle of real friends.

To those who abhor cliffies, be forewarned, there is a very intense ending that will have you craving answers. I need the next book ASAP! If you are a fan of The Program books, you’re definitely going to want to pick up a copy of The Remedy, and if you’ve never read the series, this is a great place to start!



I was lucky enough to attend a dinner hosted by SimonTEEN with Suzanne and some amazing indie booksellers from Vroman’s and Mrs. Nelson’s after reading The Remedy you’ll ever meet, and that pretty much sums up the night – it was book nerd heaven.

We chatted about The Program series, The Remedy, and Suzanne’s upcoming horror/suspense novel, Hotel Ruby, which is sort of like a YA The Shining. I found out that Suzanne teaches high school creative writing and English, and her students actually helped come up with some of the marketing for The Program for extra credit, including this book trailer. Suzanne was so lovely and it was incredibly fun chatting YA books with her and the fabulous booksellers.

If you’re in the LA area, she’ll be back for Los Angeles Times Book Festival this weekend! Here are all the deets:

1:30 p.m.SUNDAY, APRIL. 19, 2015
Young Adult Fiction: Beyond This Realm
(Conversation 2083)
Moderator: Cecil Castellucci
Stephanie Diaz, Marie Lu, Paige McKenzie, Suzanne Young

If you’re in LA and you’re going, give us a shout, we’ll be there!



    What a depressing line of work


    I’m so excited there will be a follow up book because you are so right, that ending was a killer!
    So much fun that you got to be there for the dinner!


    I’m looking for redemption. I didn’t quite enjoy the first book, so I would like something to reignite my interest for this series. Colour me curious, though!


    I still need to try this series. I have some great things. I didn’t realize that this was a prequel.


    I thought this was a stand alone companion novel. Thanks for the cliffie warning!

    I loved The Program so I’ll be picking this one up soon.

    Karen @For What It’s Worth

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