Book Review: The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines #4) by Richelle Mead

Posted 11/26/2013 by alicemarvels in Paranormal
The Fiery Heart Richelle Mead Review




Publisher: Razorbill
Release Date: November 19, 2013
Page Count: 438


hot sydrian chemistry; Adrian's POV will make you fall harder for him; alchemist tattoo and Strigoi healing take center stage, and Adrian is an integral part of the story, not just Sydney's boyfriend


I wish we had time to keep up with all my favorite characters, but some inevitably get shoved into the background

The most toe-curlingly romantic Bloodlines book yet!

I would have said pretty emphatically that Dimitri Belikov would always remain my favorite love interest in the Vampire Academy/Bloodlines world, but Adrian is doing his damndest to eclipse the Comrade in The Fiery Heart. It helps that we get Adrian’s POV, so we’re not limited to his witty banter (though there’s still plenty of that). We get to see his fears, dreams, and his love and desire for Sydney, and it is heady stuff. It’s been so wonderful to have Sydney’s logical, if somewhat uptight, perspective ruling our experiences in Bloodlines. But seeing the world through Adrian’s eyes adds a whole new dimension to their relationship, and to my view of him.

In The Fiery Heart, Adrian and Sydney for once have a measure of happiness together, but it can only be expressed in secret. Zoe’s appearance has upset the nice little Alchemist/vamp family Sydney and the gang have going at Amberwood Prep. By the way, I’m not sure I’ve ever been more annoyed by a character or wanted to slap a character right out of the book this much. Get lost Zoe!

Some of the supporting crew I’ve grown to love slip into the background in this book—namely Jill, Trey, Eddie and Angeline. Add in a new dhampir, Neil, and you have a very uncomfortable love rectangle (or pentagon, I guess). Still it does provide a bit of entertainment, despite these characters being given such little page time. I’m dying to see what happens next with these characters, and I hope they’ll be more involved in the next book.

The overall Bloodlines storyline moves forward with regard to Strigoi healing and tattoo breaking, but aside from that, not much happens until the climactic and stressful ending. Well, not much except for absolutely swoonworthy romance and relationship development between Adrian and Syd, complete with some seriously hot scenes I’ve bookmarked for future re-reading.  By the end, even with a major emotional cliffhanger, I was still thoroughly pleased with this story, and dying for more.

While the ending of The Fiery Heart is stressful, I’m also rather excited to see where it leads. I think the next book will be much more action-packed and intense, and I for one can’t wait.





    Slap someone out of a book! That’s an expression I’ll surely adopt- everyone should!
    Even before reading this, I think the addition of Adrian’s POV might be the smartest choice Mead has ever made. Being privy to his thoughts will be a real treat. I just love him so much (though still not in the same way as Dimitri).
    My copy is still on its way (darn those slow people at The Book Depository) but I’m ready to jump right in the second it arrives.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


    Does the chick on the cover look like Rose Tyler from Doctor Who or is it just me? I’ve only read the first in this series so need to catch up…but maybe closer to when the next book comes out so I don’t have to deal with that cliffie for long.


    Why haven’t I started this series yet? *hangs head in shame* VA is one of my favorite series of all time, but for some reason I haven’t started this spin-off. I fail at life. I can’t wait to watch Adrian and Sydney’s relationship progress, especially in this book given Adrian’s starting to give Dimitri a little run for his money! Fantastic review:)


    I still haven’t started this spin off and I have no idea why other than I think my heart it still recovering from VA. I loved Adrian (yes I loved Dimitri more but still have a huge soft spot for him). I am so glad we get his POV in this.


    I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed this, Lauren. I have my copy waiting to be read, but I’m so nervous about the ending. I fear I might go into an intense sequel need. I think I’m going to wait for the next one to come out.
    I’ve heard about Zoe being a slap-worthy character. I guessed she would be from the very start. I’m guessing she’s going to get Sydney into trouble in this one.
    Anyways, I’ve heard so much about the romance in the Fiery Heart. I can tell my Sydrian feels will be all over the place when I read this.
    Lovely review, Lauren!


    I am still all noooo Rose! Even if this is a whole other series ;)


    Yep, I do need to start this series sometime. I want to start at the beginning though. I know… read it order? Don’t faint! :)


    This series is on my wishlist, and despite the stressful ending I am excited that you cannot wait to see where it leads. Wonderful review!


    I am reading The Golden Lily right now, disgusted that I am so far behind on this series. I cannot wait to read this one. I want to see that chemistry between Syd and Adrian ignite. I know what you mean about Adrian vs. Dimitri. I am torn!


    I’ve had the 1st in The Vampire Academy for so long, and I want to read it before the movie. And definitely before starting Bloodlines. Gah! I wish I could speed read.


    I just started this one and you have no idea how excited I’m to read it. I cannot wait to see story from Adrian’s POV and I’m so happy it’s working. I was really worried about that part but everyone seem to approve it. Great review :)


    I so wasn’t a fan of this series when it started. I wasn’t an Adrian fan (I have this thing when someone threatens my core couple – Dmitri and Rose – I hate them with a power of 1,000 suns), so this took some adjusting. But I now LOVE Sydrian and I am so happy to see they’re taking off! Can’t wait to read this!


    I love this series and can’t wait to get started on this book! Thanks for the great review, it’s got me even more eager to dive in :)


    Yep, best Bloodlines book so far. I’m so glad to have gotten some serious Sydrian page time before the poo hit the fan. :)

    Angie Hamilton

    Did I cry reading this book? Yes. I’ve learned who Sydney should’ve trust and not trusted. I seriously hate her dad and sister. I was afraid to finish the book because the next one song be out for a while. When her dad slapped her that’s when I started crying. That was sad. He cold heartless father. Her sister. God I wanted to punch her. Literally beat her. This was an amazing book, Richelle. Great job! I want to become an author too.

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