Book Review: Snakeroot (Nightshade Legacy #1) by Andrea Cremer

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Publisher: Philomel
Release Date: December 10, 2013
Page Count: 336


the return of beloved characters; interesting internal Search politics; stronger, tighter writing than the first three books


Calla and the pack are sorely missed; ending leaves you hanging

A solid return to a beloved world and its lively characters.


Warning: slight spoilers for the prior three Nightshade books

When I heard Andrea Cremer was going to extend her Nightshade series beyond the first three books, I was excited, but a bit nervous. Given where we leave Calla and her pack at the end of Bloodrose, I wasn’t sure how the story could proceed, and how different the reading experience would be.  While Snakeroot succeeded at bringing many beloved characters back in play, it never really approached the excitement levels of the first three books. Nevertheless, it was so lovely to be back in the world of Nightshade, so I’m firmly on the hook for these final three books.

I have adored Adne ever since Wolfsbane, so I was thrilled to see this story centers mostly around her. She’s having strange dreams about Bosque Mar, the big evil baddie who was banished to the Nether at the end of Bloodrose. Apparently he’s not done wreaking havoc on this world, and Adne is his next target. Meanwhile, Logan is on the run, seeking out the few remaining Keepers left in the world as he comes to terms with a life without magic. He realizes Bosque is his only hope at reclaiming the power he needs, and he puts a plan in motion to bring him back.

Possibly the coolest part of the story is that we get more Ren time! No matter what side of the Shay-Calla-Ren triangle you were on, Ren’s fate in Bloodrose had to hit you hard (I was Team Ren, so I imagine it hit me slightly harder). I’m thrilled that he’s back in this story, and that he’s the protective older brother Adne deserves (the girl has lost too many people).

While the writing is tighter (much less infodump) than in the prior three books, the plot could definitely have been stronger. Unfortunately, facing down the same villain I thought we already vanquished isn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. It’s hard to summon up the same sense of danger I felt before, since the events of this book seem to make any ground gained by Calla, the Guardians and the Searchers nearly meaningless. I think a new villain would have been more interesting. Also, despite my love for Adne, Connor, Sabine, Ethan and Ren, I really miss Calla and Shay and the pack. We had a first person, very personal approach in the first three books, so this omniscient third person feels a bit strange and removed, though it does allow us to see all the moving parts of the story and how they will come together rather well.

Overall, Snakeroot is a solid, fast-paced read that brings us back to a sorely missed world and its lively, lovable characters, so I can forgive the cockroach style villain (I’m not sure this dude can ever be killed really, but we’ll see). I’m firmly on the hook to see what happens next, especially after the rather abrupt “to be continued” style ending.



    Definitely needed a different villain. I mean, we already beat him, didn’t we? But I loved Ren and Adne and that world was really cool so, even though it’s not quite to the level of the series, I’ll probably still visit, for old times’ sake.


    I have been super curious how this spin off would play out. I am glad that while it wasn’t quite as good as the first, you still enjoyed it. I just need to actual start this series now. 😉


    I still have not read that other series 0_0


    I’m reading this one right now! I’m at a slight disadvantage (totally my own fault) because I haven’t read Wolfsbane or Bloodrose (though I did read the 2 prequel books so I have some clue what’s going on), so the emotional connection for me isn’t quite as high, but I’m liking it overall. I do agree on the villain though, someone new I think would have ratcheted up the intensity a bit!


    I’m not planing on reading Nightshade just because I think I missed that train. I’d probably enjoy it once upon a time, but not today. I’m glad you enjoyed this novel 🙂


    I didn’t know about this one! I kind of feel like I HAVE to read it, since I enjoyed the series, and well, I’m just nosy that way. Hate those abrupt endings, though! Thanks!


    I’m on the fence about picking this one up. Bloodrose and Ren’s fate hit me hard. I wasn’t thrilled with Calla’s development after rooting for her for 2 books. She just let me down. Not sure if I want to venture out and read a spinoff series. I am curious, however, how Ren appears. I’m guessing this story takes place before Bloodrose?


      Actually it takes place after BloodRose. Very good book. I hate the fact that it just stops. There was no warning. Just a ending. I agree that it doesn’t really give us the insight that it did in the first three. I do rather enjoy that it tells the story from the others points of view. Its a really good book and whomever hasn’t read it should.


    Mmm, I am torn about continuing this series because the end to the trilogy was crazy! I can’t believe it ended like that…Calla and Shay were my favorite parts (besides Ren!) so it’s sad to hear that they are not in this book. I haven’t even read the book but I think a new villain would have been better.


      Actually Alise they are in it. Just not the way we would want them to be. Ren is in it quite a bit. Shay is in a few parts as well Calla on the other hand is only in the book once. Although the way the book plays out is rather intense. I hate putting these books down!


    I think I still need to read that last Nightshade novel, so I must read that first. What is with it and cliffies with this author? She just knows how to torture!

    Love “cockroach style villan”! 😀


    I haven’t read the series but I am glad you enjoyed your trip back into this world!


    I’ve had Nightshade for awhile, but haven’t read it. *sigh* You know how that goes. Glad you liked these, though. It gives me hope! 🙂


    Boo for missing the pack!


    I haven’t read this series. I really wanted to but then the last book Bloodrose ticked off so many readers that I shelved it. Perhaps I need to reconsider especially after reading this review. I am not so certain of that narrator though. That is a bit weird.


    I haven’t read any of these, so I skimmed the review. That’s great this is a lovely edition overall to the world though!


    Ren is… back?! Cool! But I’m not a fan of Logan or Bosque *sigh*


    I haven’t read Bloodrose yet and I know something big happens that’s super controversial so I didn’t read your review so I would avoid spoilers. But I didn’t even KNOW about this book. Where have I been?! Has there not been much press, or what’s the deal? I’m glad to see that your rating says you liked it anyway. I guess I need to read Bloodrose..


    I haven’t read the Bloodrose series yet, but I’ve heard so much negativity concerning the main character and the love triangle, so I never gave it a shot.
    It’s a shame that this one didn’t have an exciting plot as the previous series. I don’t think I would like having the same villain either. It makes things a little boring in my opinion.
    I’m glad that you still enjoyed it though, Lauren.
    Lovely honest review.


    I am super disapointed not only does Rise leave you hanging but after reading the prequel story and the nightshade trilogy I really thought Snakeroot would give me closure!! When does bookk 2 come out?????




    Seriously, after bloodrose, I didn’t even want to continue on with the last book, having Ren die, destroyed me, I legit cried for like 20 minutes and my mum said to me “it’s just a story.” But isn’t that every writers dream? Writing something so powerful it moves you into some form of emotion?
    I was team Ren all the way, and I understand why Calla and Shay are “meant to be” but I just can’t be happy about it. Something about Shay just really pisses me off, I hate his character, seriously, everything he said just annoyed me. I liked Ren’s character much better, because he had that sexyness and that fierceness about him that everyone finds endearing in a book. I understand that Calla didn’t like to be Owned but seriously, in the life of a wolf, it’s much like that anyway, the alpha male owns the female, and I’m usually a Feminist so this whole series has me liking things I usually wouldn’t, Andrea just made things so appealing to me by being owned by Ren, but that’s me. Not Calla.

    I honestly don’t know what I got out of this series other than a massive jumble of mixed emotions especially heartbreak.

    Ren & lily forever ❤️


    I Love the books!!!!!!♥♥♥♥ Can not WAIT for the rest of them to come out!!! I hate the cliff hangers SOOOOO annoying!!!!!!! But LOVE IT!!!! I love to hate it!!!!! OMG WHEN ARE MORE COMING OUT?!?!?!?!

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