Book Review Minis: ALL FALL DOWN by Ally Carter & I AM THE WEAPON by Allen Zadoff

Posted 05/22/2015 by alicemarvels in Thriller

All Fall Down by Ally Carter




Ally Carter always manages to charm me with her stories of spies, thieves, and government conspiracies. All Fall Down introduces us to Grace, a damaged but relatable girl, thrown back into a world of political intrigue in the foreign embassies of Adria. Grace is tormented by her mother’s death, and the shadow of the Scarred Man, the vague memory of a villain who she believes killed her mother, looms large as she tries to re-adjust to life on Embassy Row.

We know that Grace is unreliable and in serious psychological distress, so I wasn’t quite as surprised by the ending as I should have been, but overall the setup for this series delivers, and has me on the hook for future Embassy Row adventures. And more Alexei, please!


I Am the Weapon by Allen Zadoff


It’s been too long since I read I Am the Weapon (back when it was called Boy Nobody), but I just picked it up again to refresh my memory before reading the next book, and remembered how much I liked it. Better late than never for a review – yes? Our unnamed assassin, who we’ll call Ben, is a seriously take no prisoners assassin, and I loved how uncompromising and ruthless he was about his missions – the violence and danger is not in any watered down for a YA audience, which I appreciated.

I liked his relationship development with Samara, the daughter of his next mark. Their relationship could have been cliched but it was handled well and worked well within the story. The plot was well done and surprised me often, and I loved the way it ended. After binge reading this (twice, now) I am excited to move on to I Am the Mission.



    YES TO MORE ALEXEI!!!! Definitely. I so enjoyed this first installment as well, and I loved that Grace was unreliable. Obviously her mother’s death was more than what it seemed, and I had so much fun second guessing her memories the whole time:)


    I am all maybe, you never know, then again, this is not really my genre


    I was really hoping the Ally Carter book would be a bit better but even so, I still want to read it.

    Lovely reviews for both of these. I might have to look into the second one, it is new to me but sounds great!


    Thanks for sharing. I do really want to read I Am the Weapon. It sounds great.


    Oh both of these look like books I need to read. I was hoping for a bit more with Ally Carter’s book but it still sounds like it does a great job of making you want more! 🙂


    I read All Falls Down a month or two ago, but it didn’t really stick with me. It was unremarkable. Lovely short reviews!


    I’ve heard a lot about Boy Nobody and definitely wanted to read it so the fact that you re-read it speaks volumes. I’m definitely going to be picking it up soon, especially since I’ve seen positive reviews for the sequel, too. Curious to see what you’ll make of it, Alice, but lovely mini-reviews! 😀


    Both sounds like pretty good reads, and seen them both around

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