Book Review: Don’t Look Now by Michelle Gagnon

Posted 06/25/2014 by alicemarvels in Thriller
Don't Look Now by Michelle Gagnon




Publisher: Harpercollins
Release Date: August 27, 2013
Page Count: 336


thrilling action; resourceful runaways fighting back; Amanda steps up more


middle book syndrome; not a ton of progress on the overall plot

A solid middle book in a thrilling series that sets us up nicely for the finale.

Don’t Look Now picks up right where we left Noa, Peter, Zeke and the rest of the PERSEFoNE crew in Don’t Turn Around. Noa and Zeke are on the run, freeing teenagers across the country from the sinister Pike & Dolan company’s disgusting experiments. Meanwhile Peter is in Boston, helping from afar with his hacking wizardry, trying to stay friends with his ex-girlfriend Amanda, whose run-in with Pike & Dolan left her with some nasty aftereffects.

I adored Don’t Turn Around because I loved watching a plucky, resourceful heroine seize back control of her life when a corporation wanted to make her a guinea pig. Noa was like Lisbeth Salander—completely self-sufficient, scary smart, ghost-like in her ability to disappear without a trace, and to infiltrate the most dangerous places, physically or online. In this installment, Noa takes on a sort of leader of the lost boys role, and it is undoubtedly cool, but not quite the same Noa we knew in book one. I was disappointed that she wasn’t as involved in hacktivism and that she and Peter were so far apart.

Peter has a few thrilling encounters with Pike & Dolan goons and a few old enemies, but overall he is too removed from the action to be a true player. I did enjoy Amanda’s involvement in this book. Even though she feels like second fiddle to Noa, she still manages to step up and take more of a starring role in this story, and not just as a spurned love interest.

While Don’t Look Now has its thrills and moves the pieces of the Pike & Dolan/PEMA conspiracy around a bit, by the end of the book not much ground has been gained at all, and it seems like the whole point of book two is to get people into place for the finale. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where these characters I grew to love in Don’t Turn Around will end up in book three, Don’t Let Go. I just wish this book had been more of a strong story in its own right.

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    As so often happens when I read your reviews, I totally agree. Here’s the first paragraph of my review:

    While I found Don’t Look Now to be entertaining enough, after finishing and reflecting on the outcome, I just didn’t think much was accomplished plot-wise.

    I’ll still read the next one — I have to find out what happens!!



    Ah, the middle book. I feel like so many are there just to set up the final book and this one, though good, sounds like it falls into the same pattern.


    Sounds like a definitely middle book to me! There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to the end of a book and not really being able to recall exactly what happened to move things forward. Yes characters did this or that, but the plot itself was clearly mostly filler which is a shame. Hope book three blows you away with its awesomeness!!!


    Definitely sounds like this suffered from the dreaded middle book syndrome even if it did have it’s good moments. Sorry you were disappointed in this one Lauren!


    Oh you have me wanting to pick up that first book. However, since this one seems to have middle book syndrome, I may wait for the last book.


    Sadly I am not big on thrillers


    Sorry the book wasn’t that great on its own, but good you are still enjoying the overall story!!


    Some middle books are great (Siege and Storm, The Dream Thieves) and others don’t seem necessary. Perhaps in some cases, a duology is in order…
    Thanks so much for stopping by! Jen @ YA Romantics


    Despite not getting a lot of movement on the overall arc it does sounds like aspects kept you entertained.


    You know what, I would have a bit of a second book syndrome with a third book that goes out on a high note, than a lackluster ending. So hopefully the next book will rock hard.

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