The Theory of Everything Blog Tour: How To Dress Like You Want No Matter What Anyone Else Says

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Today we’re thrilled to have Kari Luna stopping by on the blog tour for her novel, The Theory of Everything! Scroll down to read main character Sophie Sophia’s list of ways to dress fabulously, no matter what anyone says.


Sophie Sophia in The Theory of Everything is a theme dresser. Which means? She dresses according to theme. Oceanic? She wears her whale skirt. Not ready to forget?  The elephant skirt paired with an 80’s band t-shirt. She sews pockets on her clothes (for special reasons), loves vintage, and is fearless when it comes to fashion.  So how does she do it? Read her exclusive list, made just for Alice Marvels! May it help you with your own fashion challenges. 


How To Dress Like You Want No Matter What Anyone Else Says
by Sophie Sophia

1. Wear what you love. Even if it’s the plaid tights with the polka dot owl skirt. Especially if it’s that.

2. Enjoy the fact that being true to yourself can cause spontaneous earthquakes! Or glances from admirers. Which are kind of the same thing.

3. Go vintage. Fashion from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s knew what was UP. Also, it’s good for the planet. (Sweater recycling!)

4. (Insert whatever you wear, here.) Like you’d dress like everyone else, anyway.

5. Whether you’re into old man cardigans (awesome) or red and aqua combos (delicious), love what’s on the inside as much as what’s on the outside. Corny? Totally. The secret to everything? Completely.

About The Theory of Everything:

The Theory of Everything by Kari Luna

Sophie Sophia is obsessed with music from the eighties. She also sees marching band pandas, plays guitar with The Cure and has an eccentric physicist father who vanishes for days and sees things other people don’t see. But when he disappears for good – and she moves from Brooklyn to Illinois – things take a turn for the weird. Sophie starts seeing things, just like her dad.

Guided by Walt, her giant shaman panda, Finny, her best friend/boy genius and Drew, a Kerouac-loving bookworm, Sophie decides to find her father and figure out her visions, once and for all. Armed with her trusty Walkman and friends, she travels back to where it all began – New York City and NYU’s physics department. As she discovers more about her Dad’s research on string theory, alternate universes and her father, himself, Sophie opens her eyes – and her heart – to the world’s infinite possibilities.







Watch the trailer:


About Kari Luna:



Kari Luna is a teen novelist and whimsicologist. Her YA debut, The Theory of Everything, combines string theory, 80’s mixtapes and shaman pandas in one book without making you dizzy! Almost.  Watch the awesome video here:

And find Kari, here: tweet: @wordette blog:







How are you fearless with fashion? Tell us in the comments and be entered to win this super cute TTOE Poster and Button Pack!




Continue the tour – and get tips from Sophie on How To Survive Your Boy-Genius Best Friend – Thursday, July 18th, at Hobbitsies.





    Great post! This book sounds fab and I love that the author spells her name like my sister (Kari). 🙂

    I’m not a fearless dresser by any means, mainly because the unique things I like don’t work well on me…but these days, I do try and wear what I think is cute and not worry about fitting a set style all the time.


    Sophie sounds adorable, I love a girl who embraces who she is and is completely confident about it. I also wish I dressed as cute as she does, but alas I’m a sweatpants kind of girl. I work from home, and I have a hard time dressing up for myself, so I basically live in what I like to call daytime and nighttime sweatpants:) Well done Jenny.


    I can’t wait to read this book…Sophie sounds like everything I wished I’d been at that age. And the shaman panda…geez, I need one of those. 🙂 I’m not fearless by any means, but I’ve started taking chances with my wardrobe and wearing things that make me feel comfortable and not for any other reason but because I like them.


    This has got to be one of my favorite guest posts ever! I love the sound of Sophie already, and those tips were great – I especially agree with the part about 80’s and 90’s fashion. Fashion during that time was awesome, I can’t imagine why it changed to THIS. Love the adorableness of the swag, too!

    I’m probably a fearless dresser because I dress how I like, too. Just more subtle than Sophie. 😉 People stare because I’m willing to wear weird stuff that hang weirdly on my body, but hey. Be who you are, right?

    Great post!


    (not an entry)

    This sounds so quirky and cute! I really like quirky! 🙂 Will have to add this to my wishlist. As for am I fearless dresser? Well, I’m not afraid of what I wear, but others just might… 😉


    I wish I had been fearless in High School, sadly I was not :/


    These days I am lame and not fearless with fashion even though I live in Portland, Oregon and could totally get away with it. As a teenager in the eighties though I was a little more eccentric…remember tie die, fluorescent clothes and all that? Remember t shirt slides, jelly shoes and tight pants with zippers and buttons on the ankles? I did all that…. I also loved to wear unique hair barrettes and earrings… such as spoons and fish bones. Yeah, I rocked the eighties, now I am content to be a simple mom 🙂 Fun post!


    Ohh, I love this! I always wished I had the courage to dress more creatively, but alas, I am a very conservative dresser. My sister always says I have a stick up my… well, you know. :))
    SHE, on the other hand, is the creative one. She wears things that wouldn’t work on anyone else in the world, and she pulls it off easily because she wears it with confidence. So I agree that the last advice is the most important. I just can’t seem to find a way to apply it myself. 🙂
    Love this post and can’t wait to read The Theory of Everything!


    Fun post, Sophie sounds like quite the character! The cover on this one is so adorable, I love it!


    Like Maja, I’m also pretty conservative with the way I dress. I’m still trying to embrace colors that are outside of beige, gray, black, and blue. LOL!

    The book sounds adorable and I love that it features pandas on the cover. 🙂


    I can already tell I’m going to love Sophie Sophia! She sounds like she dresses really well! I’m not at all as creative as her. Honestly, I’m more into comfortable clothes although from time to time I don’t mind dressing up a little. My wardrobe consists of jeans and blouses (I love blouses!!). They might not be fancy, but they are comfy! 🙂
    Great guest post!
    Thanks so much for sharing!


    Fun guest post! I usually wear my own style and don’t worry about it


    Awesome post! I love that cover, and this book sounds so cute and fun. In high school I used to try and dress really nice, which lead to me having a lot of dress clothes I really couldn’t wear to college because heck, I wear shorts and an oversized t-shirt to my classes aha.

    Alise @ Readers in Wonderland


    This sounds so cute, and the trailer was daughter has a thing for Panda’s. I love Sophia’s imagination. I wear what I like and pay not attention to fashion..although I am hardly a trend setter!!


    Oh wow, this book sounds great! I’ve always wanted to be like that, to just accidentally dress fabulous by matching up things I love, but I just don’t have the confidence to believe what I’m wearing looks good. More recently I have started to find an eclectic style that works for me though, and it’s definitely very vintage!


    What a fun post. I love it. I love people with the courage to rock things that may not conventionally work together.


    LOL–theme dressing! And here I am, unhappy when I have to wear something other than my yoga pants and t-shirt! I’m always impressed by those who go the extra mile when it comes to clothes.


    I love the characters that have such a great sense of fashion. I like the way she wears and that she enjoyes it.
    I on the other hand am not much of a fashion guru and I more or less dress casual. But I love to experiment on my hair though 😀
    Great post! 🙂


    Terrific post!

    Love the cover especially and sounds like a terrific book! 🙂

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