SERIOUSLY WICKED Blog Tour & Giveaway: Recommended Reading with Tina Connolly

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SERIOUSLY WICKED Blog tour giveaway

Today we’re excited to welcome Tina Connolly to the blog as part of her Seriously Wicked blog tour, hosted by the fabulous folks at Rock Star Book Tours. Tina has kindly agreed to share some of her reading recommendations for her characters, and being the massive book nerds we are, we are thrilled to read what she’s come up with. Make sure to scroll down to enter to win a copy of Seriously Wicked after Tina’s reading list!


Recommended Reading with Tina Connolly

So Alice suggested I do a Recommended Reading List for my characters and I totally can’t pass that idea up.

Camellia, AKA our overworked heroine: Cam is always busy mucking out the dragon’s garage and hanging up snake skins to dry for the wicked witch she lives with. She rarely has time to read, but if she did, I bet she would grab something fast and fun about a heroine in even worse straits than herself. And she would NOT be reading fantasy because she deals with an annoying wicked witch every day.

Cam’s book: I’d hand her the Hunger Games.


Sarmine, AKA a cranky wicked witch, and Cam’s guardian: Sarmine is quite proper and terrifying. Except, her secret vice is a bookcase full of tattered romance novels, especially tie-in novels for her favorite witch show about hot demon hunters.

Sarmine’s book: I’d send her a link to some Supernatural fanfic and see what she thinks of that!


Jenah, Cam’s quirky best friend who sees auras and loooves dragons: I think Jenah would like really weird trippy books that are *just this side* of reality. Things you could almost believe that could happen. I imagine she was obsessed with the Narnia books growing up and always believed she could find that wardrobe, if she just went into the right old junk shop.

Jenah’s book: I’d hand her Rachel Hartman’s Seraphina, for the dragons, and E.C. Myers’ Fair Coin duology, for the weird trippy things that start happening to ordinary high schoolers.


Devon, the sweet and cute boy-band boy: Devon likes writing songs and helping out his parents with their old animal clinic. He’s got a quirky sense of humor, when he’s not dealing with demons. (He says he’s writing a song about a mopey Batman in love with Superman.) I bet he read all the Harry Potter books a dozen times growing up. 

Devon’s book: I’d hand him Tara Kelly’s books, including Harmonic Feedback, for the realistic YA stories about bands. And maybe Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One for the quirky, fun pop culture side of him. I also have a feeling he’d like graphic novels, but I’d need to get some recommendations on those…

And a few more… 

Kelvin, my favorite nerdy 4-H math tutor boy: He’s probably one step ahead of me on this, but I’d hand him GRRM’s Game of Thrones and watch him tear through all the books and get annoyed that he has to wait on the next. (Or be spoiled for the books by watching the TV show – horrors!) 

Sparkle, Cam’s ex-best friend and current nemesis: I have a feeling Sparkle actually reads big massive books when nobody is watching. I bet she’s got a copy of JK Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy on her nightstand.

 Reese, Sparkle’s dim-bulb sidekick: The extent of Reese’s reading is probably the captions on Snapchat.


Thanks for having me on the blog, Alice! And for the awesome idea!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing this fab reading list with us, Tina!


About Seriously Wicked:

SERIOUSLY WICKED by Tina ConnollyThe only thing worse than being a witch is living with one.

Camellia’s adopted mother wants Cam to grow up to be just like her. Problem is, Mom’s a seriously wicked witch.

Cam’s used to stopping the witch’s crazy schemes for world domination. But when the witch summons a demon, he gets loose—and into Devon, the cute new boy at school.

Now Cam’s suddenly got bigger problems than passing Algebra. Her friends are getting zombiefied. Their dragon is tired of hiding in the RV garage. For being a shy boy-band boy, Devon is sure kissing a bunch of girls. And a phoenix hidden in the school is going to explode on the night of the Halloween Dance.

To stop the demon before he destroys Devon’s soul, Cam might have to try a spell of her own. But if she’s willing to work spells like the witch…will that mean she’s wicked too?

Available May 5th: Amazon | Barnes & NobleGoodreads


About Tina Connolly:

Tina Connolly, author of SERIOUSLY WICKED

Photo credit Caroline M. Yoachim.

Tina Connolly is the author of the Ironskin trilogy from Tor Books, and the Seriously Wicked series, from Tor Teen. Ironskin, her first fantasy novel, was a Nebula finalist. Her stories have appeared in Women Destroy SF, Lightspeed,, Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and many more. Her narrations have appeared in audiobooks and podcasts including Podcastle, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, John Joseph Adams’ The End is Nigh series, and more. She runs the Parsec-winning flash fiction podcast Toasted Cake.

She is originally from Lawrence, Kansas, but she now lives with her family in Portland, Oregon, where it is nice and green and wet.
Visit Tina online: WebsiteTwitter | Tumblr | Pinterest | LibraryThing |GoodReads |Facebook



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    This was a seriously cute read. 😉 Thanks for sharing this!


    THIS IS THE BEST IDEA FOR A GUEST POST!!!!! I love it so much:) I think I’d be with Cam reading (or re-reading as the case may be) The Hunger Games or with Sarmine reading Supernatural fanfic. I love Supernatural but haven’t read any fanfic for it, so that sounds like a win to me!


    What a coincidence…. I just happen to have a hardback copy of Seriously Wicked on my nightstand right now. So what does that say about me?


    Obviously Jenah and I have the same taste in books. I’m not really that into auras, but if dragons are involved, I’m there. I ordered my copy of this book just today and I can’t wait for it to arrive.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful guest post!


    Lololol, the dim-bulb. Love that! I’ve never seen book recommendations as a way to learn a character’s characteristics, but this post was quite an eye-opener. Great post!


    Awesome looking cover

    Daniel M

    sounds like a fun one!


    Heidi, OBVIOUSLY it means you have excellent taste!

    Thanks for the kind words, guys, and again thanks to Alice Marvels for coming up with the idea for this post! It was so much fun and I’m going to steal it again sometime. 😀


    I LOVE the cover!


    Terrific idea for a guest post!! I love how each character has a unique book – i feel like I’ve gotten to know them better with this great idea. I have Seriously Wicked on my to-read-list, so thanks for the wonderful post 🙂

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