AN EMBER IN THE ASHES Blog Tour: “Never Have I Ever” with Sabaa Tahir

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Today as part of her blog tour for An Ember in the Ashes (a book we loved), Sabaa Tahir has agreed to play a game of “Never Have I Ever” with



Eaten an entire box of cookies/brownies/twinkies in one sitting.


I have done this multiple times. I consider it a badge of awesome.


Faked reading a classic book.


Yep. Charles Dickens.


Accidentally called my significant other the name of a book character I’m crushing on.


Haven’t done that. Yet.


Been so scared of a book that I had to put it in the freezer before going to bed.


Never done it.


Had a dream about one of my characters.


I dream about my characters all the time.


Named a pet after a beloved book character.


Never done it.


Thrown a book across the room in anger.


Oh yes. I’ve done this.


Ended a friendship/relationship because the person didn’t like my favorite book.


I have been known to grow cooler toward those who don’t show appropriate reverence for the Harry Potter books.


Accidentally or intentionally dropped a massive book spoiler on someone.


Accidentally, yes. Intentionally, NEVER!


Written a letter to an author.


I have written letters to many authors. Many, many, many authors.


Faked being sick so I could finish a book.


The story of every sick day I took in high school.


Flipped to the end of a book and read the last page first.

I’m ashamed, but yes, I’ve done this.


Tried to speak a fictional language like dothraki or elvish to someone.


Never. I have tried to speak to people in Meow, though.


Tested the back of a wardrobe, or platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station.


Tested the back of a wardrobe before. Never been to King’s Cross.


Agreed to publish a sequel to AN EMBER IN THE ASHES. (:D we had to try)


Oooo, sneaky! Well, I’ve certainly THOUGHT of a sequel. We shall see if it sees the light of day.

Penguin let’s make this happen!!!


In case you missed our interview with Sabaa, you can read it here, and watch the book trailer here.

About Ember in the Ashes:

An Ember in the Ashes Excerpt & Giveaway

Set in a terrifyingly brutal Rome-like world, An Ember in the Ashes is an epic fantasy debut about an orphan fighting for her family and a soldier fighting for his freedom. It’s a story that’s literally burning to be told.

LAIA is a Scholar living under the iron-fisted rule of the Martial Empire. When her brother is arrested for treason, Laia goes undercover as a slave at the empire’s greatest military academy in exchange for assistance from rebel Scholars who claim that they will help to save her brother from execution.

ELIAS is the academy’s finest soldier—and secretly, its most unwilling. Elias is considering deserting the military, but before he can, he’s ordered to participate in a ruthless contest to choose the next Martial emperor.

When Laia and Elias’s paths cross at the academy, they find that their destinies are more intertwined than either could have imagined and that their choices will change the future of the empire itself.

Available now: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Book Depository | Indiebound | Google Play 


About Sabaa Tahir:

Sabaa Tahir, author of An Ember in the Ashes

Sabaa Tahir grew up in California’s Mojave Desert at her family’s 18-room motel. There, she spent her time devouring fantasy novels, raiding her brother’s comic book stash and playing guitar badly. She began writing An Ember in the Ashes while working nights as a newspaper editor. She likes thunderous indie rock, garish socks and all things nerd. Sabaa currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family.

Find Sabaa online: Website | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest 




Check out these cool character posters for the book from Penguin:

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir poster: Love

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir poster: Freedom

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir poster: Family

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir poster: Power



    Called BF a character name? LOL, not here either


    Oh my heck, putting a book in the freezer? LOL, I love it! I don’t believe I have ever done that either. 😉

    What a fun guest post!!


    “Eaten an entire box of cookies/brownies/twinkies in one sitting.

    I have done this multiple times. I consider it a badge of awesome.”

    She is my new favorite person. IT IS A BADGE OF AWESOME! *wanders into kitchen to find cookies*

    Also, I almost always read the last page of a book first. I can’t help it! *hangs head*


    I actually did name a pet after a character! I named my cat Jax after Ann Aguirre’s Sirantha Jax. My family was less than thrilled, but you know, who cares?
    I also tested the back of a wardrobe because you just never know. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing!


    I preordered this one so it’s on my kindle. I can’t wait to read it. Very fun ‘interview’. I named my daughter after a favorite character. 🙂 Mostly I just really loved the name though.


    Loved this interview! Though I don’t own any pets I do name certain appliances after book characters like my space heater Jacob. 🙂 I also will read the last page of mystery novels just to make sure that my guess on who the perp isn’t right. If it is, I don’t bother reading it. lol I ordered this one for my library and I can’t wait to read it.


    Ha ha… there were a bunch I have done and then some I have never. Loved this interview, so unique and fun.


    LOL! Love the interview. Totally would get meow. 😀


    I now have a place for those books I’m too afraid to read – the freezer, but now where do I put the ice cream? Just kidden. Thanks for the fun post for such a wonderful book!!


    Yeah..I have done a few of these. I am listening to this on audio next week and cannot wait!


    Ah, I LOVED an Ember in the Ashes and this interview is so awesome 😀 I too have flipped to the end of the book and read the last page, but just to make sure a certain character was still alive 😛

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