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Posted 08/12/2015 by alicemarvels in Author Corner
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We’re so excited to have the chance to revisit Boy from Jon Skovron’s Man Made Boy in its This Broken Wondrous World! Today Jon stops by the blog to share his Top Ten Favorite Fictional Monsters. 



10: The Creature from the Black Lagoon

Jon Skovron's Top Ten Monsters - CREATURE OF THE BLACK LAGOON


This was the first monster movie I remember watching. I think I was about five or six years old, and it was being broadcast on television (pre -cable) in 3D! Classic blue and red cardboard glasses were included in that week’s TV listings. The Creature was designed by former Disney illustrator Millicent Patrick, though her role was deliberately downplayed by makeup artist Bud Westmore, who for half a century received sole credit.


9: Dragons

Jon Skovron's Top Ten Monsters - DRAGONS


Dragons are just cool, no matter what. Personally, I prefer the wise and benevolent Chinese dragons to Smaug and other European interpretations. Unless of course, it’s being voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch.



8: Sirens

Jon Skovron's Top Ten Monsters - SIRENS


Sirens are usually either forgotten, or confused with mermaids. These half-bird women sang so beautifully, they lured sailors to them, then gobbled them up. Mermaids were half-fish women who didn’t sing but where just pretty. They still mostly gobbled up men, though. I have one siren in my books. She’s one of my favorite minor characters. In fact, I wrote a short story for her that appears in the anthology Apollo’s Daughters.



7: Vampires

Jon Skovron's Top Ten Monsters - VAMPIRES


Of course. Can’t have a monster list without at a vampire. I generally like my vampires circa Anne Rice. I didn’t like either of the movies, but to give you some idea of what a nerd I was/am, my AOL screen name back in the mid 90’s was lestat5141. My favorite of the more recent interpretations was Let the Right One In.



6: The Invisible Man

Jon Skovron's Top Ten Monsters - THE INVISIBLE MAN


The idea of becoming invisible SEEMS amazing, unless you couldn’t become visible again. It’s an idea that gets more horrifying the longer you think about it. No wonder he goes crazy.


5: Artificial Intelligence


Jon Skovron's Top Ten Monsters - AI

Some might say it’s stretching it a bit to include AI in a monster list. But the word monster detrives from the “monere”, which means “to warn”. Monsters are warnings to us. Cautionary tales. And with talking smartphones and wearable tech, AI seems more a question of “when” than “if”. But will it be sweet Paul Bettany, or grumpy James Spader?



4: Werewolves

Jon Skovron's Top Ten Monsters - WEREWOLVES


To be completely honest, I didn’t care much for werewolves when I began writing these books. Smelly, hairy, not very smart. But like vampires, werewolves are sort of required. Then, when I created my weerewolf character, Mozart, he was such a pleasure to write, I found myself growing fond of them. Now, two books later, they made it pretty far up the list.

3: Medusa



I guess I like the sympathetic, misunderstood monsters best. Medusa is a classic example of this. She’s depicted again and again as a hideous, evil beast. But if you go back to her origin story in the Greek mythology, it was totally Poseidon ‘s fault she ended up like this.



2: The Bride of Frankenstein

Jon Skovron's Top Ten Monsters - BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN

The Bride is one of the most iconic yet mysterious monsters of all time. Victor Frankenstein never completes her in the book, and in both the James Whale movie and the Kenneth Branagh movie, she’s only alive for like five minutes. And yet, for some reason, her image is universally recognizable.



1: Frankenstein’s Monster

Jon Skovron's Top Ten Monsters - FRANKENSTEIN

Obviously, if I felt the need to write two books starring this monster, it’s my favorite 🙂 I love the book, the two James Whale movies, and OK, I even kind of love the Kenneth Branagh movie. Never has there been such a tragically misunderstood monster.

About This Broken Wondrous World:


Being the son of Frankenstein’s monster wasn’t easy, but Boy managed to live a semi-normal life in New York City among other monsters. A year ago, Boy, had never even met a human. Now he’s living with his human “family,” the descendants of Dr. Frankenstein, in Switzerland. That is, until the maniacal genius Dr. Moreau, long-ago banished to a remote island for his crimes against humanity, asks for his help. Moreau wants Boy to join his army of animal/human hybrid creatures and help him overthrow human society. Boy must choose: side with the twisted Doctor and save his fellow monsters, or try to defend the humans who run the planet? Boy will do anything to save this broken, wondrous world from the war that threatens to split it in two. But how much will he have to give up? And is the world worth saving?

About Jon Skovron:

Jon Skovron, author of THIS BROL

Jon Skovron has been an actor, musician, lifeguard, Broadway theater ticket seller, warehouse grunt, technical writer, and web developer. He has nine fingers, dislikes sweets, and possesses a number of charming flaws. He was born in Columbus, Ohio, and after traveling around a while, he has settled, somewhat haphazardly, in the Washington, D.C., area, where he and his two sons can regularly be seen not fitting into the general Government scene. To learn more, visit



    Some of those pictures are both creepy and gorgeous! Love the one of the dragon! I always thought the invisible man would be the most terrifying because you can’t see him. How can you fight something you can’t see?

    Great gust post!


    Medusa is scary, I mean how can you not look


    Oh yea, great list of monsters! I have to say that Stewart Townsend was a perfect Lestat even if the movie tanked. Would have loved to see him in that role in the first movie.


    LOL funny! Anything voiced by Benedict would work for me! I love his voice. But really medusa would scare the hell out of me. I’m not a fan of snakes. Great post 🙂

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