MTV’s The Shannara Chronicles SDCC Trailer Sneak Peek & Panel

Posted 07/10/2015 by alicemarvels in Behind the scenes
MTV's The Shannara Chronicles Trailer Comic Con
One of the most exciting panels at this year’s con was MTV’s first look at The Shannara Chronicles, their TV adaptation of Terry Brooks’ series. Feel free to squeal excitedly like we did because this trailer is EPIC.At today’s Comic Con panel, MTV announced that the 10-episode run will debut in January. Season one will follow the second novel in the series, The Elfstones of Shannara, with production taking place in New Zealand. The panel included Terry Brooks, show stars Poppy Drayton, Austin Butler, Ivana Baquero, John Rhys Davies, and Manu Bennett, and executive producers Al Gough and Miles Millar.

Top 5 Panel Moments

John Rhys-Davies on going from Gimli in Lord of the Rings to King Eventine in The Shannara Chronicles:

“From dwarf to elf king. Eat your heart out, Orlando Bloom!”

That Trailer!

Ok, it was gorgeous and epic and much, MUCH better than I was expecting. Behold it’s glory above.

Fan Cred

An adorable younger fan asked the cast and producers if they had read Elfstones. Most had either listened to audiobooks, or read them, and the girl got to take a photo with the cast.

Keeping it Real

Millar promised an emphasis on practical sets over CGI, saying the show may be more similar to Star Wars than to Lord of the Rings.

Lady Character Love

Ivana Baquero shows her character some love. “The first thing I thought when I read for Eretria was: WHAT A BADASS.”

Poppy Drayton says she was drawn to Amberle’s combination of strength and vulnerability.




    Wonderful trailer!

    I have never read this series nor heard about it believe it or not so I’m excited to look into it more!


    Does anyone have or know where I can find a full video of the panel?



    Why have I never heard of this series? I FAIL AT LIFE!!!! I will absolutely be watching this show though. Yes and please.


    Hmm, wonder if they are just trying to reproduce GoT, but hope they do a good job and its different. I did not like when they did Goodkind

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