The Fault in Our Stars Movie Poster is here!

Posted 12/18/2013 by alicemarvels in Behind the scenes


The first poster for The Fault in Our Stars movie is here! And it’s bringing ALL the feels with it. Here are a few thoughts we had upon seeing Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort as Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters:

“It’s Hazel Grace! And upside down Gus! AAAH their faces are TOUCHING! It’s like an interlocking love puzzle! They look SO happy!” *squeals incoherently*

“OMG they’re rolling around in the grass in these super gorgeous leather and corduroy jackets without a care in the world. If that’s not a sign of true, everlasting love, I don’t know what is. Those will be true everlasting grass stains.” *dances maniacally in place*

“OOOH its the same sexy cool chalk font from the book…..SO PRETTY!!” *pets screen reverently*

“June 6th!!! I knew I always loved that date! It’s one of the really good ones you know?” *draws heart around 6/6/14 in calendar*

“Wait. Wait just one second. I must have happy cried too hard, and my vision is blurring or something because I could swear that says ONE SICK LOVE STORY. No, it couldn’t possibly. Here, let me just rub my eyes. UM? It’s still there. It’s. Still. There. WHAT THE ACTUAL F*** IS THAT TAGLINE?!”


John Green is ok with it, but……………………NO. I might take John’s advice. *mentally places duct tape over tagline* Ah, much better.



    I adore this cover, and cannot wait to see thew movie. I have never read a John Green book though, but maybe I should read this first..LOL


    I like the poster, but I also really don’t like that tagline! Ew, it seems like poor taste. I think they both look a lot like what I imagined Hazel and augustus to look like. I can’t wait!


    Ooh, I really like it! And like John said, I like that they put evidence of Hazel’s illness on the poster. As for the tag line, it surprised me for a moment but I DO like it. I think it shows the mix of sadness and humor that you find in TFIOS.


    I am not a fan of the tag line


    I really like the poster, it’s cute! But that tagline… :/


    One sick love story? That seems to negate the poignancy I’ve heard this book has in spades. I haven’t read it yet but I’ve read so many glowing reviews for it, and I have to admit that tagline is beyond disappointing. Love the rest of the poster though and can’t wait to see the movie!


    Love it! I need to read this, like SOON so I can watch this!


    I have got to read this book, but I think I will save it for closer to the movie release. Not a fan of that tagline for sure!


    I’ve been wanting to read this book and now I may see the movie first. Hm… I think the tag line is a bit funny, but I’m strange like that. 🙂


    I’ve yet to listen to it but that poster is fantastic. Wow. So sweet and touching. Wow.



    I’m all for putting duct tape over that tagline, but I saw the pic yesterday and it made me laugh and tear up and feel ALL the feels. I can’t wait for this movie! It’s going to be so beautiful!


    I hate that underline too!! I mean I do get the point as it’s not sick in disgusting way, but still it’s awful. I don’t agree with it, but I’ll see the movie regardless.


    Yeah, I haven’t even read this book yet but that tagline is no bueno.


    I have so much love for this book, and while the poster is totes adorable… that tagline CHEEZES me off. I am not a fan. Make it go away, Lauren — you can do that, right? 😉

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