Divergent Movie Trailer: Tris and Four Fight Back (and Kiss!)

Posted 11/13/2013 by alicemarvels in Behind the scenes

The new Divergent trailer is here! Check out this extensive peek at Veronica Roth’s futuristic world of color-coordinated factions, intrepid divergents, and hot back tattoos.



Our favorite parts:
Chicago in the future

The world Veronica Roth imagined in Divergent comes to life in this trailer. Here we see a crumbling future Chicago minus one of its most famous features—Lake Michigan, which dried up into a swamp-like wasteland.

DIVERGENT trailer futuristic Chicago

The society is organized into factions, seen here in color coordinated neat little groups for the Choosing ceremony.

DIVERGENT trailer factions at choosing ceremony

Tris goes takes her choosing simulation to find out which faction she should join.

DIVERGENT trailer sorting simulation

Tris finds an unconventional way out of the simulation

DIVERGENT trailer sorting simulation

Dauntless Life

We also get a sneak peek into the daredevil thrill-seeking Dauntless lifestyle. Here is Tris’s first glimpse of Dauntless members, arriving in their usual train jumping style.

DIVERGENT trailer Dauntless train jumping

Then her stomach-dropping entrance into the compound

DIVERGENT trailer Tris Dauntless jump off building

And a terribly close call in knife-throwing

DIVERGENT trailer Tris and Four knife throwing

Undaunted by danger, Tris begins a gravity defying ferris wheel climb with Four

DIVERGENT trailer Tris and Four climb ferris wheel

We also get a peek at the Dauntless compound’s death-defying chasm, presumably during the climactic chase through the compound at the end.

DIVERGENT trailer Dauntless compound chasm

And finally, the skyscraper ziplining! Those Dauntless folks don’t seem to care about concepts the rest of us worry about—like gravity and death.

DIVERGENT trailer Dauntless skyscraper ziplining

Tris and Four Chemistry

Tris and Four are pretty much making “kiss me” eyes at each other from their first meeting, when Four pulls Tris off the net and welcomes her to Dauntless.

DIVERGENT trailer Welcome to Dauntless Four

Then Four gets all touchy feely during training.

DIVERGENT trailer Tris and Four train

And then he shows her his gorgeous back tattoos, and well…..

DIVERGENT trailer four back tattoo

….how can a girl resist touching that ink? It’s not just for the swoons though, he has all the faction symbols because wants to be brave AND kind AND smart….AND oh, I forget the rest of the meaning behind it, but he’s very clearly communicating that he’s HOT with this tat.

DIVERGENT trailer four back tattoo

And now they’re making out! Thank goodness Four lost his shirt along the way. More back tattoo please!

DIVERGENT trailer Tris and Four kiss


Divergents Fight Back

Ok, this isn’t all about fearless city exploration and making out (but thankfully that’s a hefty part of it). It’s also about rebellion, individualism, and fighting back, divergent style. So even though Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews is threatening Tris and Four in a big way….

DIVERGENT trailer jeanine threatens tris

…they’re not having it. Four takes down a circle of bad guys like they’re dominoes…..

DIVERGENT trailer Four fights like a badass

….and then makes a running train jump escape with Tris.

DIVERGENT trailer tris and four getaway train

Tris and Four are not going to be Dauntless puppets, they’re going to fight back.

DIVERGENT trailer Tris and Four divergents


And I can’t wait to see them do it! Divergent opens in theaters March 21, 2014.  If you haven’t seen them, check out the newly released posters over here!




    Way cool! I can’t wait, doesn’t March seem a long way away?


    Squeee! So excited!!


    I’m going to have to get over my dislike of this actress, because I want to watch AND enjoy this movie. I don’t know why she bugs me so bad.


    I guess the trailer did this job because I have now warmed up to this movie, and I really wasn’t excited in the least until now. I didn’t like the books much, not the first, and the second even less. But hopefully it’ll work better on screen.
    Thank you for sharing. 🙂


    The answer to your question about girls and Four’s ink is it’s impossible. It would be impossible not to touch those marks. And that skin……Whoops. Digressed there for a minute. Four is just so distracting! I cannot wait for this movie, it looks like they did such a brilliant job with it!


    This whole trailer was just everything I was hoping for. I cannot wait to see this movie!


    I hadn’t watched this yet, even though I knew it had been released (the trailer, I mean) so I’m glad you posted it! Its great and I can’t wait for the movie! And yes, those tattoos are definitely awesome!


    The trailer is amazing!! I love his tattoos!! I cannot wait to see the movie. Great post Lauren 🙂


    Eeeeee, thank you THANK YOU for the screencaps because the trailer just flew by way too fast! Now I can get a good glimpse at what this movie has to offer and I am VERY pleased. It’s exciting that it seems like they will be including all my favourite parts! CANNOT wait for this!!


    I absolutely adore this trailer! I didn’t think it was possible to be more excited for this movie than I already was, but that was before gazing upon Four’s back. Is it March yet? Fantastic, got-me-all-giddy post!


    I can’t wait either I heard that it was coming out on February 21 2014 which is tomorrow

    Girl 09

    Ik right I liked the hot kissing scene it was beautiful but I also wanted to throw up because if the scene and their lips I’m not very warm welcoming to people making out but I do want to see the movie because it is kinda like the hunger games how they r going to start making the next one and then make the last one and I can’t even wait until I owne all three of the movies from the divergent series


    Now I know that it is infeed march 21 apparently it got moved back because they got behind.


    THE BEST MOVIE EVER !!!!!!!! omG, I’m in love with Four *____________*

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