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It was a big weekend for Vampire Academy fans! First we got a peek at the above poster for Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, then two on-set videos aired on MTV and Entertainment Tonight, giving us a sneak peek behind the scenes with the cast. The Weinstein Company had a nice presence at this weekend’s New York Comic Con with a panel, some signings, and of course, the traditional comic con cherry on top, an exclusive trailer with brand new footage.


On Set Videos:


Watch Zoey Deutch, Danila Kozlovsky, Lucy Fry and Sarah Hyland joke around on set and talk about their characters in these behind the scenes videos from MTV and Entertainment Tonight.



Comic Con Panel Recap
Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Cast on Hand for New York Comic Con Panel - Sami Gayle (Mia Rinaldi), Dominic Sherwood (Christian Ozera), Zoey Deutch (Rose Hathaway) and Lucy Fry (Vasilisa Dragomir)

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Cast on Hand for New York Comic Con Panel – Sami Gayle (Mia Rinaldi), Dominic Sherwood (Christian Ozera), Zoey Deutch (Rose Hathaway) and Lucy Fry (Vasilisa Dragomir)

Director Mark Waters, screenwriter Dan Waters, and  Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry, Sami Gayle and Dominic Sherwood were on hand to talk about the movie. After a short video intro from Richelle Mead, they got down to discussing the film.


Here are a few of the highlights:


Zoey and the writers didn’t hold back when it comes to Rose.

According to screenwriter Dan Waters, ” Zoey and I, in real life when we go out for jobs, have to edit ourselves a little bit because we’re a little out there. I think Rose, finally here was a character we didn’t have to hold back on. No one’s gonna accuse me of making the character too outrageous, too harsh, too funny, too tough—I get to write a role where I can go crazy because it’s Rose.”


Zoey worked hard to transform into Rose.

“I did gym training, fight training, and stunt choreography. In terms of gym training it was all about building muscle and drinking these repulsive protein shakes.”


Lucy and Zoey are friends in real life.

Lucy says “Zoey was my guardian from the first moment,” because she drove her back from the audition when they were both still vying for the parts and she didn’t want to let her take the bus.


The lust charm scene is blushworthy.

Zoey says “there is a comic element to it, actually, but it makes me blush.”


The script stays true to the book, except for a few crucial details.

Dan Waters says, “I can’t have Dimitri buy lip gloss.”


It was important to the director to do justice to the shadow-kissed bond on camera.

Mark Waters says, “Immediately distinctive about the book that I thought I’d never really seen done in a movie before was this idea of her ‘Lissa-vision’ which is when Rose is in Lissa’s head. That was something we had a lot of fun with. We did a lot of steadicam POV shots and got scenes from Lissa’s point of view as well as from Rose’s angle. What happens to Rose, it happens to her eyes as she goes into Lissa-vision mode.”


The soundtrack is going to be awesome.

Mark Waters says “We’re actually getting some artists to do some songs particularly for this movie. One of them is a cover, one of them is original. We’re trying out things and seeing what we like.”



trailer peek

They showed a new trailer, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available to share online yet, so here’s the basic rundown:

Throughout the trailer, neon flashing words that match the new poster were interspersed with the scenes, and it definitely had a cheeky, funny, Mean Girls/Heathers feel to it: Get ready | For a Killer Year | Best Friends | Tasty Guys | Evil Teachers |  Backstabbing Bitches | Out for Blood | This Valentine’s Day | They Suck at School.

It begins as Rose asks Lissa when the last time she ate was, and then says “come to the kitchen” and Lissa feeds off Rose (much like in the first trailer).

Lissa and Rose get ready for a party, and Lissa asks if Rose took her lip gloss. Rose replies that she’d never wear “your pale ass lip gloss.”

We see Mia being her mean girl self, screaming “back off bitch he’s mine!” at Lissa, and then a few training scenes of fighting with Rose and Mason kicking ass.

Rose, Lissa and Natalie walk into the dance (this scene was in the original trailer), and Dimitri is there this time, and he gives Rose a pretty adorable double-take.

Mia comes up to Rose and Lissa and says “Why were you in the hospital? Pregnant? Herpes? Maybe your baby has herpes.”

Scenes of Lissa and Rose having trouble in the halls with Mia and her friends result in Lissa taking Rose aside and saying “You can’t beat up everyone we have a problem with!” to which Rose responds “I can try!”

Rose gets hot and heavy with Jesse Zeklos, but clearly only wants him for his body, because she tells him to “stop talking.”

More scenes of vampire teeth showing, Rose training with Dimitri and Lissa in danger (many of these scenes are in the first trailer).

The highlight of the trailer: Rose punches Mia in the face and says “Everyone saw that I tried to take the high road there. Sort of.”


Richelle Weighs In:

Richelle Mead addressed fans’ concerns that the marketing looks TOO Mean Girls/funny/high school in a blog post:

But in all seriousness, for those worried the movie has transformed the book into a parody, I’m telling you flat out: it hasn’t. There’s exactly the same amount of humor in the movie as the books. There’s the same amount of romance. There’s the same amount of action. There’s the same amount of darkness. There’s the same amount of friendship. That balance I strove for in my writing made it to this adaptation.

So if it’s all in there, why are the ads showing more of the movie’s humor than its other parts? Because not everyone likes vampire stories. Crazy, right? If they did, they’d all be here reading this post. A lot of people do, however, like Mark and Daniel Waters’s history with dark humor (as well they should), and so the movie’s marketing team is highlighting that part of VA in the advertising. You see, there are people who would never see a vampire movie but will give snarky humor a chance. In some ways, that’s why Twilight was the megahit it was. People who’d never read anything paranormal gave it a try because romance lovers were so hooked by the compelling love story that they were like, “Hey, I can live with vampires for the sake of this romance!” Likewise, the VA marketing team’s hope is that people who normally say, “Blah, yuck, vampire stories are sappy and boring and overdone” will see some of this quirky, edgy marketing and be like, “Okay, I don’t usually do vampires, but I love stories with attitude.” And we all know VA has attitude.

And here’s a truth people don’t talk about: for VA to be successful and hopefully have sequels, it needs both its current fans and some new ones to come out and see it in the theaters. It’s no secret that a lot of recent young adult books-to-movies haven’t done well (including ones with MUCH bigger fan bases than VA), and it’s because they haven’t pulled in the audiences they needed to survive. The VA marketing team is trying to change this by showing new people, “Hey, you think you’ve seen every kind of vampire story out there? Guess again.” And it’s actually working. I’ve had other people tell me they read the books after seeing the teaser trailer and then say, “The books were different from what I expected, but I LOVED them! And now I can’t wait for the movie.”

That’s what we need if we want to see Adrian cast for a Frostbite movie, guys. And we need you–our longtime fans and readers of the series–to have faith and hang in there as the movie team works its marketing magic to make the VA Family bigger. I love you guys for supporting the series for so long–you’re what’s even made a movie possible. And now I need you around to teach these new people what’s what in the VA world!


Um, you had me at Adrian casting. I for one have no problem with this Mean Girls sassiness in the marketing, I think it’s fun and totally in line with Rose’s personality. Obviously there’s a lot more danger, romance and overall badassery in the story, but I know it’s coming in the actual movie, so I’m satisfied with the one liners and neon taglines in the meantime.



    Oh wow, I can’t wait, and I totally love what Rachelle said!


    LOL, I love that poster! I really do want to see this one even if I am a little nervous about it. I love this series and I am so hoping the movie does it justice.


    Why is it green? I do not like it


    I’m actually really glad she addressed the parody aspect of the trailer in a blog post, because I was feeling a little bit like they aged the story down to appeal to a wider fan base, but I think trailers too can be very misleading. I feel like if Richelle is happy with the movie though, then I likely will be as well, so I’m excited to see it in its entirety and not just clips here and there! Thanks so much for sharing this!!!!!


    I swear this may make me pick up those books. One day! 😀 I’ll probably end up seeing the show first. LOL


    I haven’t read the books but I am excited about this 🙂 woot! Wonderful post, and thank you for putting it all together like this.


    I’m honestly not thrilled about the humor, but even more, I don’t know that I’ll like Danila as Dimitri. At first, I was thrilled, but now that I see how they dress him and what they did to his hair, he’s hot and all, but he’s just not Dimka.
    I’ll reserve my judgement until the movie comes out. Of course I’m more than willing to give it a chance, but I think people who aren’t extremely attached to the book series might just have more luck with it.


    I so hope that this lives up to the book, so many of the books made into movies have been disappointing… like CIty of Bones…. I have my fingers crossed!


    I have only read the first book and it’s been years but I’m definitely curious about the movie. Thanks for sharing!


    Although the cover sounds a bit high-school teenage movie, I like that it’s different from other YA book turned movie.
    I also watched the movie the cast seems so fun!


    I love that green poster, and I think playing up the humor is a good thing. I think most of the YA movie adaptations have been way to dour. YA is not self serious guys.


    I haven’t read this series yet, but it is on my to-do list. I think the movie looks great, and I LOVE the Mean Girls aspect — very excited to see this one. Awesome post! Thanks for sharing 😀


    That’s possibly one of the best taglines I’ve read. And I love that poster — great colors! I didn’t read the entire series so maybe I need to go back to the beginning and reintroduce myself to ROse and Lissa.

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