Divergent Movie: Theo James Cast as Four

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With casting for Catching Fire and The Mortal Instruments completed, we’ve been obsessing over the next mega YA book-to-movie franchise, Divergent by Veronica Roth. Since Shailene Woodley was cast as Tris in Neil Burger’s film adaptation, the big question on everyone’s mind has been who will play the badass and much beloved Four?

At last, the long and torturous wait for Four casting news is over! Several casting announcements for the movie were made this past week, and we’re thrilled with the choices.



Theo James Cast as Four in Divergent

Theo James, better known to Downton Abbey fans as “Poor Mr. Pamuk” (the hunky Turkish diplomat who tempts Lady Mary into parting with her virtue), has been cast as Dauntless trainer (and stealer of hearts) Four. While many other actors were considered for the part, including Alex Pettyfer, Alexander Ludwig, Jeremy Irvine and Lucas Till, Lionsgate/Summit ultimately selected Theo, and had no trouble justifying their choice.

Rob Friedman and Patrick Wachsberger, co-chairmen of Lionsgate, said: “Theo is not only an incredibly talented actor, he is also whom we envisioned as Four when reading Veronica’s novel, which has taken the world by storm. As we continue to develop the film, the studio remains committed to providing fans with a movie adaptation that stays as true to the book as possible, and we are confident that we have done so with our selection of Shailene and Theo in the leading roles.”

Erik Feig, Lionsgate’s president of production: “We took our time to find the right actor to fill the role of Four, and Theo is definitely the perfect fit. Veronica has crafted a truly iconic character in Four, and we cannot wait to begin production and bring him and this story to life for millions of fans around the world.”

Veronica Roth responded to the Four casting announcement with enthusiasm, saying: “Recently I saw Theo James’ screen test with Shailene Woodley, and I was sure within seconds: this was Four, no question. Theo is able to capture Four’s authority and strength, as well as his depth and sensitivity. He is a perfect match for Shailene’s incredibly strong presence as Tris. I’m thrilled!”

For his part, Theo seems thrilled too, telling Entertainment Weekly: “As a fan of Divergent, I am thrilled to have been chosen for the role of Four and to be a part of such a phenomenal story. As an actor, I am excited to explore and play this incredibly complex and mysterious character. Director Neil Burger is a remarkably visionary filmmaker. Along with the incredibly talented Shailene Woodley, we are looking forward to the fantastic adventure of bringing this beloved book to life on the big screen for all the fans.”

More gratuitous Theo pics:


mrpamuk  theo3 theo4




Australian actor Jai Courtney (A Good Day to Die Hard) has signed on to play Dauntless leader Eric, who has little mercy for his faction’s initiates, and has no problem collaborating on nefarious schemes to exploit his faction.



"Thor" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Miles Teller will rejoin Shailene Woodley, who co-stars with him in The Spectacular Now, this time in a more antagonistic role as Peter, a Dauntless initiate who bullies and torments Tris and his fellow Dauntless hopefuls.




Zoe Kravitz (X-Men: First Classwill play Christina, a former Candor member who befriends Tris during their Dauntless initiation.




Maggie Q (Nikita) will play Tori, a Dauntless faction tattoo artist and simulation test administrator. Tori gives Tris her simulation trial when Tris gets less than conventional results.




Ansel Elgort will take on the role of Tris’ brother Caleb, who leaves Abnegation to join the Erudite faction. I certainly wouldn’t want to spoil Insurgent for anyone, but I will say I’m VERY excited to see this character in action.


Veronica Roth also addressed the castings of Maggie, Ansel and Zoe on her blog, saying:

“They are all extremely talented (not to mention spectacular matches for the characters in my head) and I’m so happy that they’re going to be a part of the Divergent movie.”



We already know that Kate Winslet is in talks for a role, and given that Tori is taken now, the other likely options are Tris’ mother or Erudite faction leader Jeanine Matthews. Taking into consideration the size of the parts and her stardom level, our best guess is Jeanine. Aaron Eckhart and Ray Stevenson are also in talks for roles, though no word yet on which characters. Possibilities include Abnegation leader Marcus and Tris’ father.

Divergent opens March 21, 2014, and begins shooting next month in Chicago.

What do YOU think of these castings?






    Hm…well some work, but Pamuk guy just looks too old, but then they always do


    I think The guy for Four looks smoking hot! I can’t wait to see this movie on the big screen!


    The guy is hot! -drool- I can’t wait for the movie to come 😀


    He is SO incredibly hot! To be honest, the only thing that worries me a little bit is his age. He’s 28, my age, and they’re supposed to make him look like a teen. It’s a good thing that Four is unusually mature so the maturity in his eyes won’t be too much of an issue. Other than that, I think he’s perfect. I can’t wait to see him as Tobias.


    I am so excited! I love the cast, this is going to be a fabulous movie I can already tell!


    I like the cast 🙂


    I have to say that I really do like the cast so far. 😀

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever


    Thanks for the updates on the castings for the movie! Everyone seems to fit in with their characters at the moment and hopefully it stays that way. And especially thanks for the gratuitous pics of Theo, haha. Much appreciated!



    Well Theo isn’t how I pictured Four, but I won’t mind looking at that for a couple of hours. No, not at all.


    Ummmmm. YES TO THEO. Yes, yes, yes, yes. He will make a brilliant Four I think, and I just love that he’s a bit older. Now I won’t feel so creepy watching him and drooling over him. Win:) This is shaping up to be another epic book to movie adaptation a la The Hunger Games, and I cannot wait!


    Theo is a little old, but I’m still trying to remain positive that they can make him look a little younger. He doesn’t have to look 18 but, in my opinion, Theo does look his age if not older. It’s a Hollywood pet peeve of mine when they cast such old actors. Pretty excited about the res of the casting too. 🙂


    Theo is looking good in that second to last pic. 😉 Although he doesn’t quite fit the image in my head, I’m looking forward to seeing how he acts.


    I’ve never heard of this guy before, but I’m all for unknown actors. Plus, he isn’t too bad looking, although not what I would have originally picked. Still, the cast seems fantastic and I just LOVE the girl playing Tris, so woo-hoo! 😀


    Decent, but so many white faces. Where’s the diversity?


    Hmm ok the first picture I had seen of Theo James which is not one of these I was like Eeeh, no, but yes, yes it works! haha. These pictures are much more flattering >.< I like the cast so far actually I like that they're not big name actors I find I can see them in the role better.


    *dances in a circle all around the room* I’m thrilled with their choices! I was so concerned about some of the “little boys” that had been mentioned to play Four. Four needs to be played by a manly man, and Theo fits the bill nicely! Divergent is my favorite book of ever; so, even though I’m a bit nervous about the movie, I’m feeling good about the casting so far. Thanks so much for sharing! Great post! <3


    Thought Theo looked familiar. He was in Underworld: Awakening. I’m interested to see Miles Teller play an asshole because I loved his downhomeness in the Footloose remake.


    I’m really happy about the casting choices for all the characters, especially for Tris and Jeanie Matthews. It will be interesting to see how Theo James performs as Four. I just always see him as Mr Pumuk from Downtown Abbey!


    I love all of the choices accept the actors that play Eric and Tris. Eric is suppose to have dark stringy hair and Jai Courtney does not have that. Tris is suppose to be short, blonde, and skinny and Shai Woodley is 5’8 and brunette 🙁 But I’m super happy with the choice for Four! That’s great that he is a fan of the books himself:)


    To be honest, I hate the cast. I invisioned them all completely different. The guy playing Tobias is def hot but not Tobias at all. In my mind, Tobias is how he was described in the book i invisioned tall, muscular but a but lanky at the same time, dark in between whooshed hair beautiful blue eyes and kinda scart its no q Shailene is a good actress but not Tris, she’s not innocent and weakly enough I also don’t think she has the right face. Also, I kind of dislike how people in their twenties are playing 16 yr olds. This is very upsetting I’m going to. See how I feel about ye preview but I may not watch it. Sorry


    Also Christina and will are not christina and will to me. Sorry but only a few of them work for me.


    And Erics hair is supposed to be stringy


    Yeah wasn’t Eric supposed to look pretty young and have dark stringy hair the guy playing him looks nothing like that not even close to the way they described him in the book. Like at all. And i guess tris, she can work but I wish they would’ve picked better actors like honestly its not that hard It’s pretty disapointing


    And…who’s playing Molly, Al, and Drew?


    I saw divergent last night the day it came out it was sooooo good and I fell in love with caleb!!!!! <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


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