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The cast for Fox’s TV adaptation of Lauren Oliver’s Delirium series is coming together. We already know that Emma Roberts took the lead role of Lena Haloway, and Gregg Sulkin has been cast as Julian Fineman.



The two latest actors to join the cast are The Secret Life Of The American Teenager‘s Daren Kagasoff, who will play Alex Sheathes, Lena’s love interest, and Bunheads‘ Jeanine Mason, who will play Lena’s best friend Hana Tate.


Lauren Oliver seems happy with the news, and Daren is certainly doing his part to engage the fandom, which is nice to see.


We also have castings for Julian’s father, Thomas Fineman, the leader of the D.F.A., who will be played by Billy Campbell (The Killing). Lawrence Tack, the leader of the Resistance, will be played by Corey Reynolds (The Closer).


Zap 2 It scored a first look at the script for the show, and uncovered a few massive changes from the books:

1. Julian

In the TV series “Julian is introduced right off the bat, as a sickly young man who lives next door to Lena’s best friend, Hana, and is confused by his powerful attraction to her, though she’s not particularly interested. Yes—Julian and Hana.” Is anyone else internally screaming at this? Yes? Ok, good. Julian and Hana, if you actually become a thing…


2. Lena’s mother and father are swapped

“In the pilot, it’s actually Lena’s father who she believes died because he was infected with Deliria. When she learns some shocking revelations about what actually happened to him, she’s driven to take drastic measures.” I don’t really have any feeling on this.


3. Ren

The pilot introduces a new character, Ren, another Invalid who is Alex’s best friend. Though Alex falls hard and fast for Lena, he’s oblivious to the fact that Ren’s feelings for him go beyond friendship.”

Clearly the showrunners are going for some Eponine, Joey Potter style best friend love style angst here. I’m sure Ren will be lovely and wonderful and my new Eponine style BFF, but you’ll forgive me if in the meantime, I say:

4. Pacing.

The first episode of the TV series actually covers the entire plot of the first book, in addition to including information about Julian and the DFA that readers didn’t learn until the sequel.”

So…..basically they’re cutting out a ton of romantic development between Alex and Lena, aka THE BEST STUFF. Ok, TV writers, you’ve made a lot of big changes here. Before you get high on your narrative slicing and dicing powers, just know that we would like you to kindly…..


While I’m certainly hopeful that the TV show does the book series justice, I’ll reserve judgment until I see the pilot. Lauren Oliver seems confident in the adaptation, so I’m willing to give it a chance.



    I’m really not sure how I feel about it. I liked this dystopian anti-love tale less than Match’s. I felt it a lot less believable. But I really liked the characters. I need to pick up my copy of Pandimonium and get caught up before I judge too harshly. Hmmm…the TV series will be beyond the books fairly quickly from what you’ve said they cut. 🙁


    Well hello there Alex!!!! I quite enjoy him and fully approve of this casting decision. I’m not super excited about all the plot changes, namely Julian being introduced right off the bat and crushing on Hana, but I understand they need to make some changes in order to adapt it to a television format. Still, the books are popular for a reason you know? Don’t stray too far from what earned the fan base to start with! I will definitely be watching though:)


    I read all three books and can’t wait to watch it on the screen.


    Lauren Oliver wrecked the series with the third book in my opinion and the cuts, plot changes, and the casting is just adding fuel to the fire.


      I agree. Haha with dark hair. Then no build up to Lena and Alex relationship. They brought in Julian right away. They crushed the pilot. They need to redo it. Build relationships. I know they books start slow but really keep more true to the story. That is what killed Mortal Instruments. Do not even know if they will ever make a second movie. Sad.too many books that are good going south in filming cause the directors d o not get it as well as those who buy the rights.


        Yeah then they bring the dad alive verses the mom! Take her in first pilot when there is no build up of Lena and Alex relationship. Crazy
        No wonder FOX did not pick it up. Redo. Make more real to the books.


    I don’t see how Jeanine Mason fits as Hana Tate at ALL! I mean no offence but she is supposed to have BLONDE hair not brown and blue eyes…. right??? But I guess its a little like Jennifer Lawrence who has blonde hair but turned out PERFECT for the spot. I guess it will all work out somehow :/ EMMA ROBERTS!! Why didn’t I think of that?!?! I’m so excited that they decided to make it a tv show cause that means they get the chance to drag out the plot rather than mash it all together and rush it like The Hunger Games and The Host…. Oh wait -_- They STILL mashed it all together, in one episode…… AWKWARD!


    Interesting changes, I look forward to seeing what direction they take this.


    Hilarious! I hope they don’t screw the show up.

    Patricia Sheathes

    AMAZING!!!! 😀


    This is awful. The cast is all wrong & the plot changes are horrific. I’m not looking forward to see my favorite book ruined:(




    When is the TV Show coming out?
    If its out already where can I watch it?

    Elizabeth Torijano

    Hate how excited I was to hear delirium in the making process of a television series , and then all of a sudden it got rejected like what !? For not a good reason let me tell you .. The books are incredibly amazing thanks to Lauren Oliver although personally I rather delirium to also not go on television because its just messing everything up For us fans that loved the book and not want to see any changes of it at all .. except for the the last book 🙂 STILL i would like for it to air it deserves to go on the big screen .. bummer 🙁 I really wanted to see Daren Kagasoff as Alex <3 :\ … I mean why not give delirium another shot , atleast the PILOT ! .. Geez is that too much to ask for ?


    I feel horrible about this! I could have delt with the cast and the tv shows but the plot changes?!?!
    They are going to turn my favorite book into a messed up,canceled tv show!

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