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We bring you the MOST important happenings and offerings in the YA universe inside each and every newsletter. Make sure you see every big story, killer book deal, booklolz or hot YA tip-off — never miss a marvel.  


Here we post our honest, informed feedback on the must-read YA books of the day.  Find out what we think about that next read you’re thinking about buying.  You can also check out the review archives on the website for every review we’ve ever published!

Who said…?

Think you know every line of every YA book? Then play our Quote of the Day game in each newsletter — and keep on testing your YA uber-knowledge in every issue!

Book Steals

This is where we showcase free and deeply discounted ebooks for those ereader-inclined YA lovers out there.  We’re trying out some exciting new features in this section — so stay tuned!


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